The Collective Destiny of Womankind

In this beautiful and glorious era that we are entering, Woman will unite with all of her sisters to  create the Union of the Divine Feminine Soul and awaken the Body of Love. 

Womankind will work with the creative principle in mankind to form a divine partnership in the physical world, creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth -- a state of consciousness in which the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine dance together in harmony and love.

Woman will ignite the spirit of Truth within her heart and project It's healing light into the world.

Woman will experience the Internal Marriage of her Soul and Spirit -- she will act as a vehicle for both the receptive and emissive energies of the Spirit.

Woman will know the secrets of the five elements once again -- she will work with Nature to clean the earth and heal the collective body of humanity.

Woman will accept her role in bringing forth the Sixth Race of Love through the creative wisdom of her Heart, Mind and Will. She will remember the ancient alchemical wisdom of fertility and new life.

Woman will have gnosis of the Divine Love and share this Truth with all beings in Nature, Humanity and Heaven. 

During this powerful time on earth, many souls are awakening to the call of Wisdom, Love and Truth. Together these souls will unite in a non competitive way to share their gifts and create a state of Sisterly/Brotherly Love among human beings. The old barriers to Truth will melt away before the Presence of Divine Love in the physical world. Both men and women have their collective roles that they will play together to bring about the transition into the Age of Love.