The Power of the Word

All words hold the vibration of their source. Two people can say the exact same thing and the words will have a different effect on those who hear them. The words alone mean nothing. The energy and creative power backing the words comes from the consciousness of the person speaking or writing them. 

Noise is the product of a low level of consciousness. We live with a lot of noise in our lives.

When Truth is the foundation stone of the source, words hold real transformative power and reach those who are ripe for hearing with their heart. 

When Love is the foundation stone of the source, the spoken word brings Life and  leaves a lasting imprint on the fabric of the Universe that shines on to Infinity.

When I AM is the Source of the Word, hearts open and quicken with realization of the Divine.

When Woman knows herself, she will know the other. Her words will have the power to move mountains and feed souls with Wisdom, Love and Light.

The Word is a gift to Humankind. Our actions, too, are our words, for we are the Word made flesh. Our words are meant to be conscious and creative and linked to the Heart of God. They are meant to heal and create beauty in the world of Matter. They are meant to spiritualize every atom of existence. 

We must speak consciously and be aware of the power of each word spoken and not create noise. This meditation alone will silence the mind and allow the Light of Consciousness to penetrate every experience we attract into our lives.

Learn to work with the Word and you will attract the Primal Will to Good into your life to guide you and assist you in every way. It is the Word that is here to expand the Universal Truth and open Hearts to the awareness of Divine Love.