Evolution of the Human Race

The evolution of the human race calls for an awakening of the feminine qualities of love, compassion, creativity and receptivity.

There is an over identification in the world at this time with projectionism, aggression, war and greed. Being in a state of projecting leaves us with little room to be receptive to those people and cultures around us.

Projectionism denies us the space to absorb the wisdom that is inherent in the earth itself. Nature is our teacher when we are receptive to her ways. She teaches us about cycles and balance, cleansing and renewal, beauty and diversity. We have chosen to ignore her teachings and project our own ways onto her and that has cost us much in these past decades.

The feminine quality of receptivity brings allowing, creativity, compassion and wisdom. The quality of receptivity allows us to listen to our own bodies as well as the world around us. Listening opens the heart. Projectionism closes us off from Wisdom and locks in the ways of the ego - whether it be our individual ego or the collective ego of group or nation.

The time has come for women to silently initiate and lead in the evolution of the human race. Since the beginning of time woman has held within her body the Wisdom of the Creator. At one time women sought to be more like men in order to be equal. Now it is necessary for women to remember their power and vast creative wisdom - for the real power of woman lies in her capacity to listen and allow real wisdom to be born out of love.

As women remember their power and begin to awaken the feminine ways on this planet, we will see a shift in the poles and move towards a more peaceful world.