The Law of Love: Woman's Destiny to Love the World

We are currently on the cusp of two epochs in human history. In the coming era the Law of Love will reign supreme and it is Womankind who is destined to call forth, from her collective heart, the foundation on which we will build a new way of life for the human race. That foundation will be Love. 

Woman is the representation of the heart and the soul in the physical world. She represents the power of Love in the world and is the substantive vehicle for every possible phenomenon. Woman is the vessel through which the power of Love flows freely and creates in the world of form. 

Womankind is beginning to wake up to her inherent ability to love all things -- the Divine, Humanity and Nature. It is her Love for all things that will awaken the virtues of Wisdom and Truth within her and guide her to serve the human race in unfailing alignment to the Great Work of spiritual evolution and expansion of all life.

The Law of Love will bring freedom and liberty to all human beings on earth. There will be a new understanding among the races and religions that Love is the only Universal Truth and the most powerful of all forces.

Womankind is destined to open and unfold her fragrant heart like the most beautiful flower and she wil bear the Divine Fruit as she loves from the depth of her soul.