LIGHT BODY WOMAN™: Awakening the Body of Love, Workshop with Shannon Port, in NYC at VIRAYOGA

LIGHT BODY WOMAN™: Awakening the Body of Love with Shannon Port

Sunday, October 30th, 1PM-3:30PM at VIRAYOGA in New York

Within Woman there is a primordial power that has not yet been recognized. Humanity is currently on the cusp of two epochs. In the next epoch it is Woman who is destined to lead mankind into a new reality. Within woman's body there is a divine impulse that has the power to heal the planet and bring peace to the world. By awakening the Body of Love, Woman has the capacity to shift the consciousness of the human race to a consciousness of Love and Life. Discover how the female body and soul holds the power to transform the world.


The workshop includes an asana practice to marry the internal Masculine and Feminine and awaken the Body of Love, a lecture on the secrets of the feminine sexuality and the power of Woman's Word, Light Body Dance™to activate the Feminine Force, mantras and pranayama to enliven the Mind, Heart and Will and practical tools for love relationships that call upon the divine archetypes of Man and Woman.

 *Shannon Port has been a student of the Divine Feminine Wisdom for over 20 years. Her writing and teaching are focused on healing the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine on earth.