Light Body Woman Workshop: Saturday November 17th, Doylestown, PA.

There is a grand awakening taking place among women on the planet at this time. We are entering into a New Era where the Feminine is going to be elevated and play a huge role in the healing of our world. Women are destined to be the teachers, leaders and healers on Earth in this era. They are going to show the human race how to return to the Consciousness of the Heart. Things are going to change in a very short period of time and Women are going to be at the forefront of the change.

 Shannon Port has been writing and teaching about the Feminine for the past two decades. In this workshop/lecture she is going to be working with material from her forthcoming book: Light Body Woman: Awakening the Body of Love. She will be speaking about the power of the new Feminine sexuality and how it is going to change our world. She will speak about the ways in which women can activate the Feminine Force within and awaken the energy of Divine Love. She will talk about the issues that have held women back from realizing the truth of their power and how they can say no to the false illusion that has been projected onto the Feminine from the fallen will.

 This workshop is going to be incredibly special. The information being presented is life-changing for women of all ages. For more information please visit Shannon's website:

at: and be sure to stop by her Facebook page:

Saturday November 17th, 2-4PM, $30., 1 Scout Way Doylestown, PA.