The End of Time

By Shannon Port

As we pass through this portal that begins today on 12.12.12, Time is changing; it is caving in on itself. What we have known and experienced as linear time is coming to an end. Our perception of things is changing and our access to information and events is expanding to include all points in Time and Space. As we begin to live from the Heart, the Akashic Records are awakening within us. We are beginning to Feel that All exists in the Now. Everything that we need can be found in the Present moment. Nothing other than the Present moment exists.

The Soul is an Ocean of Light. All events take place within the Soul. We are One Soul and all is within Us. There never was any separation. The illusion of Space and Time allows us to create like an Artist. It serves our Higher Self only when we understand how to create from our Heart. Now we are beginning to see through the illusion of separateness as our experience of Time expands. The more we Understand Time, the more it serves us.

There is no other person. All are One. In the Spiral of Life we are playing with Reality and finding our way into the Center, where we are the Creator of All. The Ocean of Life responds to our Feelings and shows us the Mirror of how we are creating in our Heart. The Moon is the facilitator of our Dreams and our Creations. She is the giver of Life and substance in the world of Matter and she holds the Law of Cycles in her Womb. We are now merging the Sun and the Moon within our Soul to birth the Time of No Time. 

Shannon Port © 2012, The End of Time l Artist: Marcia Snedecor

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