The New Sexual Paradigm of the Coming Age of Love

By Shannon Port

We are entering a phase of Evolution that is going to awaken an entirely New Sexuality on the Planet. Everything that we are now familiar with is on its way out. We have taken things as far as they can go to an extreme. The exploitation of the Feminine is coming to an end. The Feminine is destined to lead in the coming Era and there is going to be a reconciliation of our Sexuality with Divine Love. Our Sexuality serves a much higher purpose than we are currently aware of. The Ego mind has no way of grasping this information. It can only be accessed through the Heart. Therefore, the Ego will fight it all the way and go out kicking and screaming like a small child.

As we enter the Era of the Feminine and begin the Regeneration of the Human Soul, that which has been of the lower Ego vibration will not be able to withstand the Light. This next Era is going to bring an awakening of the Feminine Force -- the Active Feminine Solar Power which will align us with the Divine Will. Everything about our Sexuality is going to change. Everything. We have been living in a Fallen Paradigm and we have believed a false notion that we can consume one another through the Sexual Act.

Our Higher Sexuality is an act of Sacred Union with the Divine and a complete honoring of the Other. Women know this in their Heart but they have become so conditioned over the past cycle to see themselves through the eyes of the Fallen Paradigm and to project this paradigm back into the World. This poses a huge contradiction because it is the Woman who births every male on the planet. Woman is Man's first teacher. If the Woman believes falsely she perpetuates the false paradigm through her Child and it goes on in a continuous cycle.

Woman has far more power to affect positive change than she has yet realized. Those who are ready to receive the New Feminine Vibration from the Spirit will be feeling an activation, almost like a download, as we enter into 2013. This power will choose to awaken where there is a Purity of Heart and Soul. It knows exactly where to go and what to do. We cannot fool the Divine. We are totally transparent to the Light Force. Those who have an earnest desire to serve the Human Race with complete integrity will become our Teachers, Healers and Leaders in the coming Age of Love.

Shannon Port © 2012, The New Sexual Paradigm of the Coming Age of Love

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