Light Body Woman™ Teleconference with Shannon Port ~ One Year Anniversary Recording

Artist ~ Jia Lu

Recording of teleconference:

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Hosted by Shannon Port, Founder of Art of the Feminine , on December 19th, 2012:

(write-up from last year's call)

The teleconference is for both me and women. We will be gathering to talk about the portal into the New Era that we are passing through as we approach the Winer Solstice on December 21,2012. Please join me to unite and share from the Heart!

I will be presenting material from my forthcoming book and addressing questions about the changes that we are experiencing on the planet at this time. We will discuss the ways in which the Feminine is becoming the active principle for this New Era and talk about the reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine and the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter.

This call is for anyone who is interested in playing a conscious part in the shift through service to humankind. It will be extremely beneficial for artists who are birthing the New Consciousness through their work.

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