The Prism of Divine Love

By Shannon Port l Artist: Mara Friedman  New Moon Visions Sacred Art

The power to change things for the better in this World is within each and every soul. We all have the capacity to affect the whole of Creation through our own awareness. The heart is like a laser. When it is focused in perfect stillness, it draws from an infinite well of Wisdom and projects this reality onto the screen of consciousness. Only in the Now do we line up with the flow of Life that paints a new picture. All of the images that the dualistic ego mind projects are like prison walls that keep us in bondage. They are an illusion that keeps us in an endless cycle of frustration with our lower desires and fears.

This Now holds the release from the illusion. When we consciously align with It we will begin to feel a Truth emerging from the depths of our Being. This Truth is waiting for our attention. Our attention is our Love. Whatever we focus on we come into relationship with. When we focus on inner stillness we come into relationship with the powerful forces that are buried in our own subconscious. They are released by our awareness and as they arise they give us Understanding of the whole - the Unified Field - which is Love. In the Field of Love, time and space bow before the Presence of the Life-force.

This healing is available to us Now. There is no future and no past in the Now. There is only Divine Presence. When we come into the Present we become a perfect Prism - we receive the Light of Spirit and through our awareness it reflects the full spectrum of our Being.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Prism of Divine Love l Artist: Mara Friedman

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