Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Transformation and Rebirth

 By Shannon Port l Artist ~ Kinuko Craft

As we approach Lunar Beltane and the Scorpio Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse this week we are heading for a grand transformation and rebirth within our lives and on the planet. This will be the first eclipse season of the New Cycle and it is sure to be a kick starter into the healing and regeneration process that we are beginning on Earth.

The Moon represents our subconscious mind and the organizing principle of matter. Our lives are inextricably connected to the hidden forces of the Lunar Principle. It is a combination of our personal efforts and the universal forces that brings us our greatest transformation. 

We have already laid the ground work for the changes that are about to take place. Few of us will be standing in the same place when the energy of the next several weeks has been received. Our desires and imagination along with our unconscious patterns have seeded the deep waters of our subconscious with the program of our unfoldment for this new period of growth.

This is a time of death and a time of fertility. Something is leaving and something is coming into fruition. Many soul contracts are up for reevaluation. Some relationships are ready to end having served their divine purpose and some are ready to evolve into a higher level of spiritual growth.

There is a new energy coming onto the planet that will reorganize our sexual energy and align it with the sacred path of the soul. It will find Its way first to those who can hold the reflection of the Sun in their aura. 

This is a time to trust with our Heart in the divine process that is taking place for each human being. We are here to work together as One. Each of us has a part to play in the universal plan for our expansion. Those things that were hidden from us are being exposed now so that we can remember who we really are and remember how to create from the Divine Substance that is buried within our Heart's Womb.

Shannon Port © 2013 

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