Invoking the Elohim: Dancing to Awaken the Body of Love

Three Women by David StierThere is a most potent and sacred combination for creating in the world of form -- the combination of prayer and dance. When these two practices are married, they create a heart-opening effect that allows the Beings of the sphere of Love and Beauty, the Elohim, to pour out and release their energy into the physical world and fill the etheric mould of the True Imagination. This energy is the Formative Force of creation and it enters through the Heart when the heart is open and filled with purity and light and acceptance of the Law of Love.

Feelings are the gateway to the creative Forces of Nature . When we pray there is usually a feeling behind the prayer. When we dance, there is a release of the body's energy to back the feeling and we become conduits for Spirit to create through us. Whatever intention is set in the prayer is given form through the dance.The energy released aligns our will with the Divine Will and guides us to act. 

Woman has incredible access to creating through dance because she is the representation of the Heart and has a resonant relationship to the world of feelings and the subconscious mind. When woman enters into the dance with the intention of opening to her spirit, she can literally harness the Forces of Nature and direct them with her Love to heal the planet and to awaken her Body of Love. 

Adding singing and chanting to this powerful combination only makes the ritual more dynamic. Sing your prayer and dance it into reality. Allow the Divine Love to pour through you and serve the highest possible plan for your destiny, letting Spirit lead the way. 

There is a reason that our culture has been obsessed with reality shows about singing and dancing for the past decade. Deep inside we are beginning to remember that all of us were born to sing and dance our prayers. The energy of song and dance is felt and not intellectualized and therefore it is able to heal the body and mind of its own bondage and release the power of Love into our lives. 

Sing and dance, today! Everyday! Dance with your loved ones and your neighbors. Dance to celebrate life and feel the goodness of God's creation. Dance to dissolve the barriers to ONENESS so that we may live as a race of advanced spiritual beings serving the Divine, Humanity and Nature in Wisdom, Love and Truth. But the most important reason to dance is so that you will discover your FREEDOM to create from the platform of LOVE and never look back.