Pornography & the Human Auric Field - Recording of LIVE Podcast

Pornography & the Human Auric Field

With Shannon Port

This podcast addresses the effects of pornography on all areas of the human electromagnetic field. We'll talk about the implications of digesting a lower consciousness through the sexual force and how this affects all of our human creations and relationships through the human Auric Field.

The sexual force on our planet has been manipulated into a false addictive state that shuts down the Heart Center. We'll be looking at the objectification of human form and how this stimulates the addiction matrix when it is cut off from the Goddess Heart of Wisdom.

© Shannon Port 2015



The Goddess in Sexuality - Recording of LIVE Podcast



The Goddess in Sexuality

With Shannon Port

This is a very special hour devoted to the Magic & Mystery of the Goddess in human sexuality.

We discuss the beautiful ways in which we direct the Power of the Goddess Heart Flame in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Sexual Force. We also talk about the Healing Shakti Power that is accessed by the conscious focus of Divine Love in our relationships and the Inner Alchemy that takes place when we begin to see that we are truly the Infinite Flow of this Love here to manifest the Perfection of Life in all that we do.

© Shannon Port 2015

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"Our sexuality is the fuel of the Goddess. We have given our consent while in an unconscious state for our sexual energy to be manipulated, distorted and harnessed by an agenda that is anti-life and anti-love. Until we wake up collectively and realize that sexuality is not meant to be separated from the qualities of Love, Honor, Respect and Wisdom, we will be on a degenerative spiral of creation, moving away from our true power." 

~ Shannon Port

Shannon Port is a writer, teacher and professional speaker. Her teachings and writings are focused on healing the relationship between the masculine and the feminine within all human beings and on the earth. Her work is featured and shared regularly around the globe on websites, blogs, radio shows and summits that promote leading visionary voices for healing the world. She is the founder of the Art of the Feminine website, blog and Facebook page. She is best known for the Art of the Feminine Podcast on iTunes where she shares the Divine Feminine Wisdom teachings with thousands of men and women around the world every week. The theme for the Art of the Feminine Podcast in 2015 is: THE NEW HUMAN SEXUAL PARADIGM. This years theme is focused on what Shannon believes is the most important issue that we face as a race of spiritual beings -- The Regeneration of Human Sexuality and the Healing of the World Soul. The New Human Sexual Paradigm theme covers all the issues around sexuality that we face on the planet, not shying away from any of the hard issues, including pedophilia, incest, pornography, rape and ritual abuse of children and adults. It also emphasizes the power of spiritual healing in our love relationships through enlightened communication and a sacred sexual connection with our partner.

In May, 2015, Shannon is launching The Inner Mystery School of Divine Love; a powerful mystery school to guide men and women into the inner sanctum of their heart to experience the Mysteries of the Goddess through the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Shannon started out as an actress in New York City's theatre scene. In her late 20's she experienced a powerful transformation of consciousness that led her to pursue the Inner Mysteries of the Feminine full time and become a writer and teacher of the mysteries. She has given lectures and led workshops all over New York City as well as teaching online courses to men and women from around the globe. She has been mentoring individuals and couples for the past 10 years in the Divine Feminine Wisdom to heal relationships and awaken to a higher perception of Life.

Shannon received her first communication from what she calls the Akashic Heart of Sophia's Wisdom at a very young age. (around 3 or 4 years old) She became very sensitive to the reality of our connectedness to the Cosmos thought the collective heart of humanity. Shannon's life has been a journey of countless initiations into the mysteries of the Feminine through both the light and the dark portals. As a result of the depth of her own journey, she is able to help guide souls back to their Inner Teacher to heal and regenerate the connection between the soul personality and the Spirt to give birth to their true Human Potential.

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The Regeneration of Human Sexuality ~ Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Artist ~ "Alchemical Wedding" by Emily Balivet 

Recording of the Podcast:

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing the Collective World Soul and Regenerating Human Sexuality with Shannon Port 

We are in the vibration of the New Year, 2015, and this year will address in a very big way the Sexuality of the Human Race. The information available to us for healing is incredible at this time. Our sexuality is our power to connect with all levels of our Being. It is the generative force of Life on Earth. It is the Goddess in Action. The Spirit works powerfully through our conscious Understanding of this great Gift. 

The most powerful force we have within our Mind, Heart and Will has been very misunderstood. It has been processed and used in ways which have inverted the consciousness of the Human Race and caused us to harm one another and seek power for our individual good. This paradigm has created a deep fear of the Goddess and caused us to perpetuate a version of love that knows how to take instead of give. 

In this next 7 years we will be learning how to inhabit our physical bodies in a new way. This will include a new way of relating sexually to our environment and other human beings. The Law of Sacred Union will be revealed in all its Glory to those who choose to open their Hearts to Universal Love. 

This is an exciting time to be human and Love is only going to expand as we awaken the true power of the Goddess on Earth. 

© Shannon Port 2015

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing Sexuality and the Collective Soul with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Eva Ruiz

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing Sexuality and the Collective Soul with Shannon Port 

This year there will be a new focus for the Art of the Feminine Podcast. It will take place once a month and the topics are going to be centered around The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Human Sexuality and Healing the Collective Soul. I am really excited about bringing this information to the calls on an even deeper level. The topics that will be presented have grown out of the intensive work that I've done over the past ten years working with clients from around the world on healing love relationships, sexual wounds, sexual addictions, and confusion about the power of our sexual energy and how it affects our lives as well as the collective state of the world. It is HUGE! All of the teachings are based on the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

This is the first call of the season! It is an introduction to the topic. 

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