40 Episodes of the Divine Feminine Wisdom ~ with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Kinuko K. Craft 

40 Episodes of the Divine Feminine Wisdom ~

The newest episode: The Goddess Activation Codes ~ The Empress and the Holy Scepter

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- The Age of the Solar Feminine ~ Key 19, The Sun 
- Building the Spiritual Body of Light ~ Key 18, The Moon
- Lifting the Veil of Venus ~ Key 17, The Star
- The Awakening of the Human Race ~ Key 16, The Tower
- Healing the Sexual Paradigm of Humanity ~ Key 15, The Devil 
- The Inner Alchemy of Sacred Union ~ Key 14, Temperance
- The Art of Transformation ~ Key 13, Death & Rebirth
- The Power of Surrender ~ Key 12, The Hanged Man
- The Cosmic Law of Balance ~ Key 11, Justice 
- The Art of Manifestation ~ Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune
-Accessing the Inner Plane ~ Key 9, The Hermit
-Mastering the Desire-Force ~ Key 8, Strength
-The Power of the Word ~ Key 7, The Chariot 
-Sexual Discernment and Power ~ Key 6, The Lovers
-Awakening the Power of Intuition ~ Key 5, The Hierophant
-The Rebirth of the Divine Masculine ~ Key 4, The Emperor
-The Power of the Creative Imagination ~ Key 3, The Empress
-Liberating the Subconscious Mind ~ Key 2, The High Priestess
-The Power of Focus ~ Key 1, The Magician
-The 22 Archetypes of Human Consciousness, Key 0, The Fool
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part Two
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part One
-The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm
-Awakening the Feminine Force
-Healing the Global Sexual Crisis
-Unveiling the Mysteries of Womankind
-Healing the Sexual Wound of the Human Race
-Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine 
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part Two
-Sexuality and the Auric Field
-Unlocking the Powers of the Threefold Soul Prism
-Light Body Yoga: The Science of the Body of Light
-The Art of Fertility: Awakening the Power of Conscious Creation
-Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces
-The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual, and Divine
-The Alchemy of Divine Love
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part One
-Wisdom, Love and Sexuality
-Light Body Woman Teleconference: December 19th, 2012

Shannon Port © 2014

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