Light Body Yoga™ Tele-Course starts Wednesday, January 17th, 2018!


Light Body Yoga™ 7-Week Tele-Course starts Wednesday, January 17th, 2018, 12pm EST

With Shannon Port

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."
- Victor Hugo

Light Body Yoga™ is a body of teachings that have been birthed through the esoteric wisdom of the Divine Feminine. Shannon Port founded Light Body Yoga in 2004, after spending her childhood and early adult life in communion with this powerful force of Love. She has workshopped Light Body Yoga in New York City, where she taught at many of the top yoga studios, and from East Coast to West Coast, to countless enthusiastic audiences. In 2011 she began to teach the metaphysical wisdom in online tele-courses and spread it around the world. This work is highly unique in its understanding of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and the Western esoteric jewels as they relate to the Eastern teachings of yoga and tantra. The Feminine has been missing from our alignment of consciousness on Earth and in humanity. This work is about the alchemical marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within every soul and the awakening of the Spiritual Body - also known as the Body of Light.

This year's Light Body Yoga™ Tele-Course is going to focus on the Creative Imagination as it relates to all Seven Portals of Light and Ascension. You'll be working with wisdom to heighten your connection to the creative gifts of the Divine Feminine. Shannon is an expert and a powerful voice for the Divine Archetypes and their creative principles. She incorporates this profound wisdom for manifestation, seamlessly, into the mystical teachings on awakening the Body of Light.

The course will include over 12 hours of lectures and meditation, weekly tools and exercises, email correspondence with Shannon, a Q&A session before every session and one dedicated extra session for Q&A.

The course meets for seven weeks at 12pm EST, for a 90 minute call. The first session falls on the Capricorn New Moon on January 17th! All calls are recored and the code to listen is sent out immediately following the call. If you are not able to attend the live call you will receive the listen code and have access to listen at least 3 times during the seven weeks.


Early bird registration by January 10th: $575.

After January 10th: $775.


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Light Body Yoga™: The Art & Science of the Body of Light

Light Body Yoga™ is the Art and Science of the Body of Light. The Body of Light has long been known in the esoteric teachings to be the vehicle of our Ascension. This work is the true mystical avatar science of the Merkaba - the glorious Body of Eternal Life.

The 7-week tele-course is designed to create an experiential foundation for souls to purify the mind, heart and will and activate the seven centers of power in the human being (chakras), so that the soul and spirit may pour light thought the auric field and raise the human consciousness to that of the Divine Soul.

This is a very powerful time on Earth for those souls who are working with the Sacred Fire of the Divine Mother's Heart. We are receiving new waves of potential, (Divine Light and Wisdom), from the center of our galaxy. This transforming light is working through our Sun and mating with the Earth and all beings connected with her. 

The alchemical Sunlight Fluid (quintessence), is filled with information for our planet and humanity. It is the Intelligence through which we receive the Holy Spirit of Life to raise our body and soul into its most perfect state of being.

The Light of the Mother's Heart will find it's way to those who have prepared their vessel to receive the Luminous Glory of Creation. There are two things that we are asked to master before we are capable of holding the higher consciousness of the Ascended Host and Cosmic Christ Logos Power: 

We are required to balance the electromagnetic field by creating harmony and equilibrium in our mind, heart and will, purifying our words, feelings and actions. We are then asked to enter into the state of inner peace that we may anchor the Divine Love on Earth. This mastery is then reflected into the world via our words and actions. Our emotional body and mental body begin to harmonize with each other and the third principle of Life can make it's home within our personality. 

This state of heart and mind allows for us to break through the barrier of space and time so that we can enter into a portal of consciousness that is resonant with our Source.

In this Age, we are moving from an intellect/ego based learning to a heart based learning. We are remembering the heart's wisdom and knowledge so that we can remember how to feel from the true nature of our Self and leave fear behind. 

Each one of us will be initiated into the higher mysteries of the Body of Light when we have reached a certain point in our inner alchemy. Light Body Yoga is a platform to connect to the seeds of power within the human auric field and experience the feeling of Divine Love and Harmony so that you may truly begin to prepare the way of your spiritual body to be integrated into the heart and activate the dormant seed of Infinity within you.

Light Body Yoga™

Created in 2003 and founded in March, 2004, by Shannon Port, Light Body Yoga™ seeks to gently awaken the Body of Light - the Feminine aspect of Truth that lives in every human heart.  Light Body Yoga has been warmly received by audiences around the world, and in New York City at Equinox Fitness Clubs, Exhale Spa, Clay, Reebok Sports Club/NY, PRANA, Sports Club/LA,  JCC Manhattan and many more!

The practice of Light Body Yoga™  is made up of The Seven Portals of Light. The seven portals activate the Heart, Mind and Will to receive light from the Soul and Spirit. The seven practices are seamlessly woven together and applied to awaken the seven creative centers of light (known as chakras), with special emphasis placed on the Heart. It is necessary to open and activate these centers to their full creative potential if we wish to evolve our consciousness and claim the fruit of our destiny, which is to become a race of spiritual human beings.

The Seven Portals of Light

Light Body Wisdom - The Feminine Science of the Soul, Christos Sophia and Divine Sophia, Tree of Life, Inner and Outer Universe, The Fertility Teachings, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine 

Light Body Alchemy - The Tower of Alchemy, Balancing Mind, Heart and Will, Five Bodies of Light, Inner Marriage of Soul and Spirit

Light Body Word -  The Power of the Word, Divine Word, Logos, Verbum, Daath, Mantric Science, Mastering Tongue and Heart, Healing Relationships with Your Word, Creating Your Life with Your Word, Receiving the Inner Word 

Light Body Heart - Awakening Divine Love on Earth, The Inner Sanctum of Shekinah, The Law of Love, The Sun, The Trinitized Soul Prism, Harmonizing Love Relationships, Moving from Human Love to Divine Love, Creating from the Heart's Womb, Intuition, Dreaming a New Reality from the Heart

Light Body Will - Awakening the Infinite Freedom and Power of the Divine Will,  - This practice is made up of three distinct series that build strength in the body, mind and soul. The series: WISDOM, POWER and LOVE - they are designed to take you through the Seven Portals of Light to open the layers of your Being to receive the higher Wisdom and Knowledge of your Soul and Spirit. The three series are a step by step process to healing the emotional body and strengthening your Will and Intuition so that you may effectively connect to the Divine Will.

Light Body Dance - The Machinery of the Universe, The High Priestess, The Sacral Mysteries of Yesod, The Soul of the World, Dancing and Singing to enter the Heart, Communicating with the Forces of Nature, The Elemental Forces, Accessing the Deep  Well of Intuition and Creativity through Dance, Dance as the Ultimate Expression of Gratitude, Intuitive Healing Dance, Dance Rituals 

Light Body Planet - Gaia Sophia, The Earth Goddess, Body as Kingdom, Elemental Forces, The Four Quadrants and Archangels, Nature as the Doorway to Higher Consciousness, Sacred Fire, Service, Community and Healing our Planet.


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The Inner Mystery School of Divine Love, June 2nd, 2017!

The Inner Mystery School of Divine Love

With Shannon Port

Starts Friday, June 2nd, 2017, 12pm EST!

The course will be a profound journey into the inner sanctum of the heart to meet with the Presence of the Divine Feminine spark of creation. It is in the heart that we give birth to our soul on the physical plane. The Mysteries have long been veiled to humanity through a thick, dark, layer of ignorance that kept us locked out of the true power of life. When we are separated in consciousness from the Wisdom we have to work for everything; our food, shelter, love, and spiritual power. Now, there are many human beings who are ready to penetrate the veil with a pure mind and heart and walk into the higher understanding of what it means to create on Earth. We are remembering how to heal our perception and how to birth through the Heart's Womb by entering into the gnosis of Divine Love. The Equinox in Aries and the energies of the first week in May, opened a portal for a new dispensation of the Sun's healing rays to fertilize the consciousness of both Mankind and Womankind and to heal the separation between the masculine and feminine in our world. We will start the course when the Sun is in the sign of Gemini - The Lovers. This is a highly alchemical sign for this work in the Feminine Mysteries. We will work through the Solstice in June up until the week just before the auspicious Lion's Gate Portal on August 8th, 2017!

In this 7-week course, we will meet on Friday's, the day of love & the day of Venus, for a 90-minute group session by phone. (All calls are recorded and the link to listen is sent out immediately following the session.) We will be working through the Law of Seven to build the bridge to unite the Inner and Outer planes of consciousness so that one may have access to both waking and dreaming, inner and outer, conscious and subconscious realities and be in full communication with the inner guidance of the Higher Self. When we establish this incorruptible link with the Divine Sacred Fire within, we begin to transform everything that we come into contact with and we begin to build our Spiritual Body to be the permanent home for our soul. Divine Love, then becomes the Eternal Force of Light in our life.

Please join me if you feel called for this profound opportunity to unite with other souls who share your readiness to see beyond the illusion of our world and enter into the Mysteries of the Goddess.

The cost of the 7-week course, which includes 7 sessions (over ten hours of guided lecture and meditation), 2 one-hour Q&A sessions, a reading list and a booklet from the course is $575. for early registration and $775. after May 26th, 2017. The cost of the group program is about 1/3 of the cost of the 3-month private mentoring program. I am beyond excited about the frequency of this work with a group. If you have any questions about cost or content or to sign up, please contact me. 



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