Divine Tantra & Sexual Alchemy

Divine Tantra & Sexual Alchemy

With Shannon Port

LIVE PODCAST RECORDING: A powerful hour of discussion on the alchemy that is taking place on the planet, within the Christos Sophia, and within every human soul incarnated at this time. We will look at the Goddess energies that are present and helping us to awaken the higher energies of the Heart so that they may be in service of the regeneration of the true sexual force in humankind.


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Bringing Human Sexuality into the Light with Shannon Port

"My Body, My Temple" by  Autumn Skye Art  

"My Body, My Temple" by Autumn Skye Art 

The New Human Sexual Paradigm:

Bringing Human Sexuality into the Light

With Shannon Port

On this call we'll be looking at the reality behind the collective sexual energy on our planet. At this time we are facing a choice to wake up and connect to the Love and sophistication of our mind and body, when it is aligned with Self-Understanding and Wisdom. This Union brings the birth of our true Power.

In the collective social paradigm of humanity, as well as in the underbelly, the energy of sexuality has been split off from Wisdom and Love and used as a control mechanism to keep humanity enslaved to the lower desire nature that overrides intuition and expansion of consciousness.

We'll look at some of the ways we can move beyond the old sexual programing and use the Shakti Force to heal the body, enlighten the mind and regenerate the soul. When our sexuality is in the Light of Wisdom and Understanding, our relationships mirror Divine Love and become a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to dwell on the Earth.

© Shannon Port 2015

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The Regeneration of Human Sexuality ~ Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Artist ~ "Alchemical Wedding" by Emily Balivet 

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ Healing the Collective World Soul and Regenerating Human Sexuality with Shannon Port 

We are in the vibration of the New Year, 2015, and this year will address in a very big way the Sexuality of the Human Race. The information available to us for healing is incredible at this time. Our sexuality is our power to connect with all levels of our Being. It is the generative force of Life on Earth. It is the Goddess in Action. The Spirit works powerfully through our conscious Understanding of this great Gift. 

The most powerful force we have within our Mind, Heart and Will has been very misunderstood. It has been processed and used in ways which have inverted the consciousness of the Human Race and caused us to harm one another and seek power for our individual good. This paradigm has created a deep fear of the Goddess and caused us to perpetuate a version of love that knows how to take instead of give. 

In this next 7 years we will be learning how to inhabit our physical bodies in a new way. This will include a new way of relating sexually to our environment and other human beings. The Law of Sacred Union will be revealed in all its Glory to those who choose to open their Hearts to Universal Love. 

This is an exciting time to be human and Love is only going to expand as we awaken the true power of the Goddess on Earth. 

© Shannon Port 2015

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