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Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

November 13th, 2013: Sexual Discernment and Power

Sacred Tarot Series: Key 6, The Lovers

We live in a culture of sexual addiction, pornography, rape, and the exploitation of human beings through sexual slavery, incest, pedophilia and human trafficking. For most of the population these things are deeply hidden in the underbelly of religion and a socially accepted form of addictive mis-use of our sexual energy. 

Over a period of time we have lost touch with the higher Emotional Body and our capacity to see these things for what they really are ~ a distortion of our spiritual power. The human race has become anesthetized and addicted to a shallow version of experience when it comes to understanding our connection to one another and how we are meant to recognize each other as Sacred Souls. 

When Wisdom and Love are absent from our sexuality, our collective sexual energy leads to death, dis-ease and the loss of our real Shakti-Force and its ability to heal and regenerate the body and soul of our World. 

On this week's call we will look at some of the profound Wisdom offered in Key 6, The Lovers of the Sacred Tarot and apply it to the transformation that we are currently experiencing on Earth. 

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