GEMINI FULL MOON December 13th, 2016: Positive Mental Focus & the Creative Power of the Mind

Gemini Full Moon December 13th, 2016: 

Positive Mental Focus & the Creative Power of the Mind

With Shannon Port

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In this podcast we'll be looking at the archetypal energies that govern the Gemini Full Moon on December 13th/14th, 2016. We'll talk about the sovereignty of the soul and its ability to discern illusions and create a new reality with the power of the mind. The topic of alchemy is very powerful at this time in our world. We'll discuss how the archetypes of Gemini and Sagittarius teach us how to deepen the path within our heart and mind to higher Truth and Understanding. One of the big themes at this Gemini Full Moon is discerning the information that we receive from the outer world so that we can live from the wisdom of our own Intuition. 

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