NEW MOON IN LEO, JULY 31st 2019 -



The New Moon in Leo on July 31st, 2019, is conjunct the Sun and Venus at 8 degrees Leo and trine Chiron retrograde in Aries, making it a very powerful new moon for healing the heart of the human race. Venus is the archetypal ruler of the heart and so is Leo. When the power of the Leo Sun is joined with the power of transiting Venus, we have a solar alchemy that cannot be denied.

Chiron retrograde in Aries is slowing the Mars-force down and asking us to rework power, war, and self realization. Mars is in the sign of Leo at the new moon, conjunct the asteroid Juno, at 19 degrees. Both are squaring Vesta in Taurus at 18 degrees. This is a joining of the Mars power and the feminine power that rules relationships, commitment, marriage and advocating for women's rights and all beings who fall under her umbrella. The square with Vesta in Taurus, is activating a commitment to do the work!

The Leo New Moon, Sun and Venus are also being squared by the revolutionary energy of Uranus in Taurus; making the new moon an even greater activator and agent of change on Earth, the domain ruled by Venus.

Another powerful alignment at the Leo New Moon on July 31st, is a Cardinal Cross involving Pallas Athena at 21 degrees Libra, Eris at 24 degrees Aries, Mercury at 23 degrees Cancer and Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn. Here we have the Goddess of wisdom and justice (Pallas Athena) opposite the Goddess of discord, disruption and revenge (Eris), with Pluto and Mercury squaring both. This is initiating a grand scale communication around all issues of power, abuse of power, sexuality, regeneration, justice, and things that have been hidden or covered up. Mercury is stationing direct at the time of the Leo New Moon, and has a deep stand on all issues that come to light. Mercury is also in the sign of the transiting Cancer North Node. This brings a special focus to all issues surrounding children and the platform we provide for their safe unfoldment into the world.

Neptune square Jupiter in Sagittarius continues to awaken us with spiritual potential and deception brought to the surface. The potential power of the Leo New Moon is great, to say the least. It is being aided by the great Feminine Force of so many bodies of light. This is all leading us to the Lion’s Gate Portal peak on August 8th, 2019. Stay tuned for more info on the alignments of Lion’s Gate 2019! Blessings at the Leo New Moon!

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