Five Keys to Light Body Word

The WORD is a gift to humankind. We are privileged to be able to speak the Word and create with the Word. When we use the Word with Wisdom to create love and light and peace on earth, we are using it to build our Body of Light - the vehicle of our soul and spirit.

The Five Keys to Light Body Word 

1. This first key is very important. Before you speak, focus your attention on your breath and consciously breathe Sunlight in and out of your heart center. Feel your breath and feel the light of the Sun - the Life Power - moving through you. Know that your breath is God in action. See yourself surrounded in beautiful white light. This will bring you into the present moment and it will open your heart up to feeling the moment. This is the magic key to the Word. The Life-Breath is the true Source of the Word.

2. See the person or persons in front of you in detail. Imagine they, too, are surrounded in light. Call forth their soul and spirit as you look directly into their eyes and accept them, as they are, in the moment. Breathe with them.

3. Listen. Feel the silence and the rhythm of your breath and know when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen. Listening creates the proper rhythm in communication.

4. When it is the right time - speak the TRUTH with LOVE. Speak slowly and give each word perfect attention. All of our words must be truth. Sometimes the truth is difficult to speak and this is why we must speak the truth with love and compassion. Always speak the truth and always speak with love.

5. Have Gratitude for the Word and TRUST in it with your whole heart. This sets our Word in motion to create purely good things in our life and in the lives of other.

Aligning Your Word with the Divine Will

In the first key to Light Body Word we bring our attention to our breath and consciously breath the light of the sun into our heart center. As we do this we are aligning with the Divine Will. To align with the Divine Will is to surrender the ego and allow the higher Wisdom to come through us as we speak. This is the most important step in communication - to allow the wisdom of the Word to be at work in us and through us. In truth, each of us is a center of expression for the Primal Will. To consciously align with this power gives our word increased strength of compassion, wisdom and love. It makes our Word highly creative for the good of the universe and all beings in it.

The Divine Will knows only Truth and it seeks and accepts the truth in all things. When we are aligned with the Divine Will we are aligned with Truth, Wisdom and Love. As we begin to practice the art of surrendering to the Divine Will, we will see a new reality unfold before us.

To align with the Divine Will by consciously breathing the light of the sun into our heart center before we speak the word is to call forth the highest potential in all those whom we communicate with. It will cause us to mirror the Love of the Life Power in all people and all situations.  All good will start to appear before us and all of our needs will begin to be met effortlessly. When there is discord or challenge before us we will have a new lense to see through and stay centered in the power of Truth and Love. We will be able to accept people where they are and know that God is at work in all things. 

Breathing in Sunlight

The first key to Light Body Word is to breathe in the Divine Light of the Sun - which is the true Life Power. When we consciously connect our breath to the light of the Sun, our whole body softens and begins to radiate light and love. Before you open your mouth to speak, breathe in the LIGHT of the SUN - breathe it into your heart center and see your whole body lit up like a beautiful bright star. In truth, the air you breathe is the magical sunlight fluid - the creative power that gives life to everything in existence including your words. This vital principle is called the Ruach in Hebrew, Prana in Sanskrit, Spirit in English, Spiritus in Latin, Pneuma in Greek, and many more names. It is the life giving principle - the Life Power of the Limitless Light. 

Consciously breathing sunlight into your heart center is the foundation for your Light Body Word. Your Light Body Word is the WORD which builds your Body of Light - breathing properly is the first step to activating your real power of word. Our breath determines the strength and projection of our word. Our breath is what gives our word its limitless creative power. Breathing in sunlight sets the stage for the next principle of Light Body Word which is to SEE and RECEIVE the person or people you are speaking to. 

The Life Power of Light Body Word

In order to create light, love and positive communication with our words we must first consciously connect to our breath. Our breath is the Life Power that gives birth to our words. In order to speak from truth we must breathe in a way that reflects our highest state of Being. Conscious breathing calls in the Spirit of Life to give birth to our words. When we breathe properly and consciously we align our will with the Divine Will. As the Divine Will takes over - through our surrender of the ego - we can have faith and hope in our ability to create good with our words, in communication with others and in our thoughts and deeds. 

Conscious breathing is a form of focusing our attention that allows the Life Power to flow through us to the place where it is most needed in our lives. It is hard to speak in an angry or irresponsible manner when we are breathing consciously. It is less likely that we will create negative karma with our words when we are breathing consciously. 

Conscious breathing is the first principle of Light Body Word. It is the foundation for all forms of conscious communication - It is the platform for our awakened WORD - the WORD which creates our Body of Light.