FALL 2019!

Starts Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019, 3pm EST

This 8-week program will be focused on bringing you the core Wisdom taught on the Art of the Feminine platform. The work is drawn from Shannon's signature Private Mentoring Program - now available for a group of powerful women leaders and creators of The New Femininie Archetype!

*Relationship Alchemy
*Healing Sexuality & Light Body Tantra
*The Esoteric Mysteries of Woman
*Awaking the Feminine Creative Principle in the Auric Field
*Activating the Divine WORD
*The New Archetype of Womankind
(Archetypal Wisdom from Shannon's Course Curriculum)
*The Inner Marriage of Spirit & Matter
*Secrets of Emotional Body Healing
*Divine Feminine Activism & Leadership
and much more!

For the first time ever, I'll be sharing the esoteric teachings and the deep wisdom of the Divine Feminine teachings from the Art of the Feminine platform in a group mentoring program. For the past 10 years I've been working with individuals one-on-one and have been asked many times to create a group environment. This is it!

The Light Body Woman Teachings are the foundation of the work at Art of the Feminine. Shannon has created a curriculum based on her lifelong discovery of the Divine Feminine Archetypal Wisdom of Creation and brought new light and discoveries to this wisdom. This unique training was created through a highly alchemical process over a 17 year period. The wisdom presented is the link between the personal and the collective healing. It addresses the deep mysteries of feminine sexuality, creativity and love. The material is meant to open the flow of mystery and power within your Consciousness! It will change the way you communicate with yourself and others. It will activate a new level of desire to discover the depth of wisdom and creative power and love you hold within your own Being.

How does the training work?

We'll meet for a LIVE session on Zoom, once a week on Wednesdays, 3pm EDT. (60-90 minutes) If you are not able to attend the live session, no problem, you'll be sent the link that day for your viewing. The session will cover the theme material for that week. You will be notified of the theme ahead of time and asked to answer any specific questions to prepare. There will be a chat for Q&A during the live sessions. We'll also meet twice for a Q&A session following the weekly session. This will be a chance for all to come on live video and ask questions as a group. Every session will include in depth training and lecture on the topic of the week with visualization and mediation to support the work.

What will be covered in the weekly sessions?

The work will be shared in a powerful coaching format so that it is applied on a personal and practical level to your life, your relationships, your financial resources, your creative talents, your emotional and sexual resources for healing and expanding your Body of Light as a Woman. Each week we’ll cover a topic that is directly and universally applicable to the beauty, creative power and love of the Woman. This work has grown out of an incredibly deep platform and offers original archetypal knowledge to access the wisdom and power of the feminine Consciousness. At the beginning of the training I’ll send out a worksheet to prepare you for the weeks ahead.

How long are the videos available for my viewing?

You will have access to the weekly sessions throughout the entire 8 weeks, to view as many times as you like, and for one month after the training ends.

How will the training improve my life?

This mentoring is one of the most profound ways to accelerate your consciousness. The transmission is coming from an Awakened Feminine Frequency and the space being held is in full support on your full awakening and power as a Woman. This work has been shared with very powerful women all around the globe and has changed lives and healed lifelong patterns. It is a game changer!

The cost of the 8-Week Intensive is $1100.

Special Early Registration is $975.

Sign up below or email me with any questions.