3-Month Mentoring Program

Study The Divine Feminine Wisdom as taught in Shannon's courses and writings and open profound channels for healing and awakening the true spiritual power and discernment of wisdom & love in your life. This work is meant to deepen your connection to your own inner Being and intuition and awaken a steady stream of creative power within you!

The 3-Month Private Mentoring Program with Shannon is a powerful way to receive the gift of this work in a weekly coaching environment. You'll spend 10 hours in weekly phone or Skype sessions and communicate via email throughout the week. The program is geared towards the goals that you have for your life and your future. We'll cover all of the wisdom from the courses and integrate the teachings into each session in a way that serves your greatest needs and interests. This can be incredibly helpful in healing a love relationship, launching a business or healing blocks and patterns that have limited your life.

$1500. paid before the first session.

To sign up, follow the link below and choose the day and time that works for you every week. You will add the first session only, and pay the $1500. and then I’ll add the next 9 recurring sessions on the same day and time each week. I look forward to working with you! Please contact me if you have any questions.

3-Month Mentoring for Couples

The same program as above designed for couples: Heal your relationship, deepen your communication and evolve your sexuality with the wisdom of the heart. This work is meant to regenerate the power of relationships and transmute old patterns that were meant to break down the connection between the mind and heart. 

Relationship Mentoring is a powerful way to heal and grow in love. This is an incredibly sacred space that allows for both partners to express their love for each other as well as any concerns and challenges that are present and to work from the wisdom of the mind and heart to move into the highest expression of the union. All of the powerful principles drawn from the body of Shannon's work are applied where they are appropriate. Neither partner is pushed to speak a language that does not resonate. The work is driven by the unique requirements and language of the relationship. This platform allows profound healing to be experienced and can deepen the trust between two souls by providing a powerful space to communicate and be received fully, by the other and by the Wisdom.

Topics covered:

Divine Archetypes, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Wisdom, Communication, Commitment and Trust, The Three Levels of Love and Sexuality, Healing Sexual Wounds and Addictions, Pornography, Communication and the Power of the Word in Love, Individual Life Purpose, Relationship Vision and Purpose, Spiritual Connection and Depth, Fulfillment and Playfulness in Partnership, Boundaries and Freedom in Love, Meeting Challenges with Power, Wisdom and Grace and much more!

Single Private Sessions

Archetypal Blueprint Session: A single mentoring session in The Divine Feminine Wisdom can change the projection of your life. Each session is designed to address a specific issue and bring greater clarity, healing and expansion to your soul. Once you open a new door, profound insight and knowledge is revealed and you never look back.  Shannon has spent almost 2 decades fine tuning the mentoring process and she is able to hold a deep space for you to call forth the inner guidance of your spirit while introducing you to new concepts and ways of perceiving your life through the power of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and the Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness.

Each session is designed to tap into the gifts of your soul and to reveal any blocks that may be interfering with your success in life. Wounds and blocks are treated with great care and love as they are doorways to personal power when faced and healed.

60 Minute Session - $170. A deep look into your chart & archetypes to call in the wisdom to create a profound shift in the area you desire to see growth.

Special first time: 90 Minute Session - $200. A game-changing look at your archetypes through the synthesis of wisdom that is offered on the Art of the Feminine Platform.

In-Person Study Retreat

Travel to the beautiful Bucks County, Pa, to spend 1-5 days studying The Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings as taught by Shannon Port. Take a spiritual journey to the Delaware River Valley, to spend a spirit filled day or week with Shannon diving deeply into the topics in her work that interest you and connect to your life the most! The setting here is ideal for quiet contemplation as well as meditation in nature. Walks on the river canal, quaint coffee shops and cafes make this a wonderful destination to relax, meditate and study while enjoying the beauty of the land.

We'll focus on your life, your love relationships, your healing journey and your business success! The wisdom is designed to empower all of these areas and to activate your inner knowing so that your intuition takes the lead!

Please contact for more information.


Bucks County, Pa.

60 minutes from Philadelphia, 90 minutes from New York City. JFK Airport, Trenton Airport, Philadelphia Int. Airport, Newark Airport

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Address: 3774 River Rd, Lumberville, PA 18933

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