Coming October 2nd, 2019!


With Shannon Port

The Light Body Woman 8-Week Group Coaching Intensive - Accelerator Training, is the signature coaching program and training on the Art of the Feminine platform offered in a group coaching format. This profound body of work holds the deep inner mysteries and esoteric wisdom of the Divine Feminine Wisdom as taught in the original courses, workshops and writings of Shannon Port. The exclusive mentoring program is the practical application of the highly transformational and alchemical material drawn from Shannon's courses and lectures.

The Light Body Woman mentoring program includes wisdom and practices to heal both the collective and individual feminine wound in the areas of sexuality and subconscious programming, familial lineage and patterns, love relationships, healing trauma and abuse, friendship, body image, self-expression and manifestation, inner masculine and feminine polarity integration, and the deep inner mysteries of Divine Love. This work is unique in that it speaks directly to the wisdom and intelligence of the heart and calls forth a clarity that transmutes old patterns in the subconscious mind. This work is important to compliment the more masculine traditions of knowing the Self through detachment. We embrace the soul and the soul’s journey and all that comes with it - especially relationships that hold the mirror of a greater Truth within.

Shannon has dedicated her life since early childhood to the intense study and revelation of the inner wisdom of the Divine Feminine Principle. Her life and experience has been a reflection of this divine archetypal work. She has mentored hundreds of women one-on-one and presented her courses, lectures and podcasts to tens of thousands of students around the world. The Light Body Woman 3-Month Mentoring Program is based on the sublimely inspired material presented across the Art of the Feminine platform. This unique translation of the feminine archetypal language of the Universe is a treasure chest of alchemical wisdom that will transform your consciousness and your life's projection through your creativity, your relationship with self and others, sexuality and sexual energy and knowledge of your true creative power and worth as a Woman. This work is the portal into the new consciousness of The Age of Aquarius.

The Light Body Woman mentoring program has the potential to shift your entire life projection and psycho-magnetic field by healing your understanding of your self-worth as it relates to the whole of Creation. It is a platform that will help you to discover and integrate the wisdom of the Divine Feminine by seeing it and experiencing it in your own life.

You will look into every area of your personal journey from your karmic lineage to your early programming and relational patterns and identify the areas that need to be transmuted. Knowledge gives awareness and awareness facilitates a lasting shift in perception. Shannon's gift through her own personal healing journey is to hold a potent space for this shift to unfold within you through compassion, sensitivity, receptivity and a highly intuitive ability to guide you to your own divine awareness within.


The program consists of 8 weekly sessions on Zoom. Each session is 60-90 minutes long and will cover the theme for that week with meditation, visualization and a short metaphysical mantric-yogic practice. You will have access to Shannon via email during the week to discuss any questions or realizations that come to you after the session. There are some written assignments, reflections and meditations between sessions. It is highly recommended that you keep your work and notes in one place such as a journal for future reference. Shannon works with a high frequency of dialogue transmission and intuition that continues to activate for years to come! Although this work is of a highly spiritual nature, it is also very grounded and practical and accessible for anyone who truly wants to heal and expand their human gifts and potential to serve the awakening of humanity in this Age. There will be two Q&A sessions with the group. The videos are available for replay throughout the coaching intensive and up to 30 days after the intensive is finished.

Please contact me to interview for a spot in the upcoming Fall Session.

Single Private Sessions

Archetypal Blueprint Session: A single mentoring session in The Divine Feminine Wisdom can change the projection of your life. Each session is designed to address a specific issue and bring greater clarity, healing and expansion to your soul. Once you open a new door, profound insight and knowledge is revealed and you never look back.  Shannon has spent almost 2 decades fine tuning the mentoring process and she is able to hold a deep space for you to call forth the inner guidance of your spirit while introducing you to new concepts and ways of perceiving your life through the power of the Divine Feminine Wisdom and the Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness.

Each session is designed to tap into the gifts of your soul and to reveal any blocks that may be interfering with your success in life. Wounds and blocks are treated with great care and love as they are doorways to personal power when faced and healed.

60 Minute Session - $222. A game-changing look at your archetypes through the synthesis of wisdom that is offered on the Art of the Feminine Platform. Ideal for looking into any situation that is calling for clarity, healing and expansion. Relationships, healing sexuality, health, career, and spiritual transformation.