"Study the Divine Feminine Wisdom and open profound channels for healing and awakening the true spiritual power and discernment of Wisdom and Love in your life."

3-Month Private Mentoring & Single Sessions: 

Shannon has spent the last decade coaching individuals and couples in the Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings, drawing from a depth of knowledge that has come from 17 years of writing and teaching on the sacred wisdom of healing the self and regenerating relationships. She believes that healing sexuality and awakening love relationships to their fullest potential is the key to healing our planet. She also knows that the personal self-healing journey is the most important work that we are here to do. When we are fully awake to our own healing process, our life begins to change and we become a magnet for the divine destiny of our soul. The 3-month mentoring program is designed to empower individuals and couples to heal communication and sexuality and to connect more fully to their own inner guidance, activating the stream of intuition and divine creativity in love and in life. 

Topics Covered:

  • The Divine Feminine Mysteries of Manifesting & Creativity
  • Healing Love Relationships - The Alchemy of Divine Love 
  • Healing Sexual Wounds and Addictions
  • The Law of Self-Worth 
  • The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual & Divine
  • Awakening Communication on the Heart Level
  • Karmic Patterns, Genetic Lineage, Re-seeding the Subconscious Mind
  • Sacred Union of Spirit & Matter in the Heart 
  • The Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness
  • The Art of Sacred Goddess Fertility (The Laws of Creation & Birth)

Tools Used:

Shannon has studied extensively in several spiritual traditions and lineages and she has been receiving the Divine Feminine teachings on the inner level for most of her life. Her wisdom and creative tools are drawn from 10 years of daily work in the Akashic Records, Gnostic Wisdom, Sacred Archetype Work and the deeply powerful writing and teaching that she has been doing since the late 1990's. The mentoring program is a very organic process that calls forth a profound wisdom and clarity in every session. There is an abundance of information and powerful tools to work with to inspire a deeply creative healing in the soul. 

The program includes 10 one-hour sessions by phone or audio Skype and all course materials and email correspondence throughout the three months.

Cost: 3-Month Private Mentoring Program - $1500. Payment may be split into three installments.

Please contact for more information or if you would like to schedule a ten minute session to discuss the program.

Single Session for Individual:

A single session is a one-hour period used to focus exclusively on an issue of importance or concern and to call in the Divine Wisdom to facilitate clarity, healing and expansion of consciousness around the solution. A single session can be a game changer in moving through a challenge or gaining insight into the next move in a creative project or a relationship. If you should decide to continue on and do the 3-month program, the cost of the single will be deducted from the $1500.

Cost: One-hour - $165.00 

Schedule a session.

3-Month Private Couples Mentoring

Relationship Coaching is a powerful way to heal and grow in love. This is an incredibly sacred and holy space that allows for both partners to express their love for each other as well as any concerns and challenges that are present and to work from the wisdom of the mind and heart to move into the highest expression of the union. All of the powerful principles drawn from the body of Shannon's work are applied where they are appropriate. Neither partner is pushed to speak a language that does not resonate. The work is driven by the unique requirements and language of the relationship. This platform allows profound healing to be experienced and can deepen the trust between two souls by providing a powerful space to communicate and be received fully, by the other and by the Wisdom.

Topics covered:

Divine Archetypes, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Wisdom, Communication, Commitment and Trust, The Three Levels of Love and Sexuality, Healing Sexual Wounds and Addictions, Pornography, Communication and the Power of the Word in Love, Individual Life Purpose, Relationship Vision and Purpose, Spiritual Connection and Depth, Fulfillment and Playfulness in Partnership, Boundaries and Freedom in Love, Meeting Challenges with Power, Wisdom and Grace and much more!

Cost for 3-Month Couples Mentoring Program: $1500.

Please contact if you are interested in couples mentoring or would like more information. 

Couples Single Session: 

A couples single session or a "tune up session" will provide a focused space to address a particular need of the relationship with the powerful tools of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Wisdom for Relationships. One session can be a game changer when it comes to having a break through into the wisdom of the heart. 

Cost: One-hour - $175.00

Schedule a session.



 “In the time I have been studying with Shannon Port I have experienced a profound physical and spiritual transformation. Shannon is a truly gifted teacher who inspires her students on every level.”

Ivan Shaw, Photo Director, Vogue - New York City

“Shannon Port is a talented, dynamic, passionate, and outrageously fun woman. Her energy radiates and so powerfully infuses her teaching to inspire us all!”

- Jodi B Komitor, Founder & CEO Next Generation Yoga - New York City

"This work allows you to feel your divinity. Shannon holds the space for her students to go deep within and discover their truest Identity. She sees your individual light and holds it up to you like a beautiful flame."

- Jenee Halstead, Recording Artist, Raised by Wolves - Boston

"Shannon Port has taught me so much more than yoga. Her attitude and her acceptance of others, the way they are, is both inspiring and humbling. The work I've done with her is fulfilling, and has given me a whole new openness and flexibility in my mind and body. Being in Shannon's presence is a complete joy."

- Kathy Green, Kathryn Green Literary Agency - New York City

"Honestly, this work translates to how I work, live and move through my life. When I need a lift or veer away from my path, I return to focus on the work I have done with Shannon and it helps me find my way back. This work unleashes an innate power within me and helps make manifest everything I am here to do...in a very big way."

- Alex Dawson, Writer, Producer, Actress, Clara's Karma - Los Angeles

"I love Shannon's Light Body Yoga class because it comes right from her wonderfully warm heart. She gives great attention to the real details of yoga so often forgotten in other yoga classes."

- Anne-Sophie Rodriguez, Professional Ballerina - Boston Ballet, Ballet NY - New York City

"Her way is so limitless and pure. If there is something you are seeking out of life and are open to finding it in a physical, mental and spiritual way, you must work with her. Shannon will guide you to this powerful discovery. I feel more alive than ever through this work."

- Clare Mooney, Artist - New York City

"Shannon's Light Body Yoga draws on the power of your soul. It helps me tap into exactly what I am here to do with a fearless sense of adventure and unwavering confidence."

- Sylvie Souchon, Jazz Vocalist - Paris, France

"Shannon is truly a gifted woman with a finely tuned power of intuition and a clear vision of beauty and light in the world. She has inspired me to have a sense of spiritual integrity, and to step into my own light. She shines in her example, with compassion, truthfulness, support, and love. Oh, and that amazing sense of humor and contagious laugh is so fun to be around!"

- Stefanie Johnson, Actress - Los Angeles

"Shannon is the only Yoga teacher I know who so powerfully and gracefully integrates ALL - the spiritual and physical sides of Yoga. She will take your breath away when she walks into class, but you will quickly catch it back as you start your fabulous journey with her."

- Amy Drabek, Yoga Teacher - New York City

 “Shannon Port is a classic beauty on the inside as well as the out, with style, grace and SOUL, wrapped in a rockin' twenty-first century body. I leave her Light Body Yoga class inspired to the Heavens.”

- Laurie Sanderson, Playwright, Actress, Dottie Hope - New York City

“Shannon is not only drop dead gorgeous, she is an inspiring, motivating and a truly gifted teacher. I met Shannon in class in NYC almost 7 years ago. Her students in NYC are still singing her praises.”

- Lauren Gott, Makeup Artist, W Magazine - New York City, Los Angeles

"Vivacious, charismatic, beautiful and gracious, like a gazelle, Shannon rejuvenates your soul & body like no one ever will!!!”

- Dana Moyal Kolevzon, Producer, Nepa~Laya Productions - NYC-Israel

“Shannon Port is an amazing teacher who guides a powerful physical yoga practice while inviting students to experience their mind and soul dimensions through yoga. Her voice and presence helps create the intention and atmosphere of class, and I can’t count how many times she has articulated refinements to my physical, mental and spiritual alignment that other teachers were unable to communicate to me so effectively.”

- Allison Bush, Wall Street Headhunter - New York City