Transcending Body Obsession & Moving Beyond the Addiction to Form

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Transcending Body Obsession & Moving Beyond the Addiction to Form

By Shannon Port

The year 2015, holds a special opportunity for many human beings to heal the addiction to the paradigm of Body Obsession. Our body as a vehicle of the soul holds a wonderful opportunity for healing and ascending our consciousness - but only when we are able to perceive the depths of its Truth and Divine Purpose.

In this call I'll discuss the ways that we can deepen our connection to the Source of our Spirit, Soul & Body so that we can occupy our Divine Vehicle in our true Consciousness and use it in a way that serves the Creative Principle of Life.

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Part Two: Healing Jealousy & Competition in the Collective Feminine


This is a huge topic for our times. The Feminine energies are the energies that create our reality. When they are held in patterns of fear, jealousy, & competition, we loose our way on all levels. 

In this weeks call/podcast we will continue our powerful conversation about the ways in which we can find the ultimate self-worth through our connection to the Spirit within our Heart. Competition & Jealousy arise from an illusion of the reality of Form. In this call we will talk about the ways to transcend the illusion and be present creatively within it at the same time!

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The Goddess Activation Codes: Summer Solstice 2015

Streamed live on Jun 19, 2015
Shannon Port and Sara Isabelle Marie Johansson will meet on a LIVE Google Hangout to discuss the potent Light of the Goddess that is flooding our planet at this time & how we can be Receivers of this Wisdom that is here to awaken and restore the consciousness of the Human Race and call in the Divine Love!

The Secret Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness

 The Star by  Pamela Wells 

The Star by Pamela Wells 

The Secret Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness

With Shannon Port

Starts on Fall Equinox!!!

A 7-Week Tele-Course to Unlock the Mystery of the Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot & the Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet

Starts Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, 12pm EST - runs 7 weeks on Wednesdays. Last session is on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015. Each call is 90-minutes. The calls will be available to listen to on recording for those who cannot attend the sessions live.

The course will cover these topics:

  • Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • Divine Masculine Archetypes
  • The Law of 777
  • The Law of Correspondences
  • The Hebrew Letters of Mystical Kabbalah
  • Tree of Life
  • The Ascension of Human Consciousness
  • The Secret Codes & Symbols of Sacred Tarot
  • The Divine Feminine Wisdom
  • Opening the Higher Perception of the Soul

Shannon Port has become a well known voice internationally, on the Wisdom of the Major Arcana. She combines a scholarly knowledge of the Archetypes with a penetrating Intuitive Wisdom that opens the teachings to pour through the Beings that are the 22 Archetypes of our Divine Consciousness. Her work has been incorporated by Psychologists, Artists, Writers, Teachers and Personal Coaches around the world. More and more she is being sought out by members of the corporate world who are looking for ways to balance the patriarchal systems that have taken over our society.

Along with being incredibly well-versed in the esoteric Wisdom - Shannon has a deep connection and unique interpretation of the 22 Divine Archetypes of Consciousness drawn from her extensive work in the Divine Feminine Wisdom, The Alchemy of Sexuality and the Power of the Word. Her work is guided by the understanding of the Goddess and her Rebirth into the Heart of Humanity as well as the reconciliation of the Masculine & Feminine on Earth.

Shannon's work in the Sacred Tarot was first recognized on a global scale with the Art of the Feminine Podcast Series of 2013: The Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness. The podcast is available on iTunes and currently being uploaded to Youtube on the Shannon Port Channel.

The cost of the course: Early Registration on or before September 17th: $575. After early registration: $775. The Sessions start on Wednesday, September 23rd and run through Wednesday, November 4th, 12pm EST.

For more information please email Shannon at

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