Shannon Port is an international writer, teacher, and public speaker. Both mystic and scholar of the Divine Feminine Wisdom, Shannon's in depth studies in Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Astrology, the Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness and Light Body Yoga™ span two decades. Her unique body of work has been birthed over 19 years and is deeply focused on healing the relationship between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine on the Earth and within every human soul. This sacred knowledge is the synthesis of the masculine and feminine internal streams of Wisdom. Shannon is the creator and founder of the Art of the Feminine platform and Facebook page as well as the vast body of sacred knowledge of Light Body Yoga™. She is host of the popular iTunes podcast,  Art of the Feminine Weekly Calls with Shannon Port, also found on her Youtube channel, where she shares the Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings as taught in her courses, with thousands of men and women around the world every week.

The topics of the Art of the Feminine Podcast include: The Divine Archetypes of Human Consciousness, The Archetypal Wisdom of the Masculine and Feminine, The Inner Mysteries of the Goddess, The New Human Sexual Paradigm, Light Body Astrology, The Art of Sacred Goddess Fertility and The Inner Marriage of Spirit and Matter.

Shannon received her first communication from what she calls the Heart of Sophia's Wisdom at a very young age. She has conscious memory of this event.  At this time she became sensitive to the reality of our connectedness to the Cosmos through the collective heart of humanity. Shannon's life, since that time, has been a journey of countless initiations into the Mysteries of the Feminine through both the light and the dark portals. As a result of the depth of her own journey, she is able to help guide souls back to their Inner Teacher to heal and regenerate the connection between the soul personality and the Spirt to give birth to their Divine Human Potential. 

New York City - Theatre and Mysticism

Shannon began her career as an actress and dancer in New York City's theatre scene. While acting on the off-off-Broadway stages of Manhattan in her twenties, Shannon continued to deepen in her lifelong studies of mysticism and the Divine Feminine. During this time she experienced a profound transformation of consciousness that led her to the ancient wisdom of Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Alchemy and Tantra though many powerful channels. Soon after, an inner channel would open and become the fountain of her work. This led her to make a change in her career, taking her into the depths of knowledge and direct experience of the Feminine Mysteries. 

In 1999 she began to teach public classes on yoga and spirituality at many of the studios and spiritual centers in Manhattan. In 2004, Shannon founded her own original style of yoga, Light Body Yoga™, and started speaking and teaching workshops on the art and science of the Body of Light and the reconciliation of the Feminine and Masculine principles, within the individual soul as well as in the collective human race.

Divine Feminine Wisdom Teachings and the Akashic Records

Today Shannon lives 1.5 hours outside of New York City in the serene setting of Bucks County, Pa, where she spends her time writing and mentoring individuals from around the world in the sacred teachings of the Divine Feminine. She offers a 3-Month Private Mentoring Program that dives deeply into the teachings. Shannon also specializes in mentoring couples to help them heal and transform their love relationship and bring it to the highest expression of Divine Love in human form. Her work centers around the power of the Word and its potent healing capacity in relationships and in life. Through the teachings of Light Body Word, she helps individuals and couples awaken to the highest level of expression and manifestation of their word by learning to communicate from the heart. 

In addition to her work with individuals, she offers five 7-week trainings on the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Shannon is a prolific visionary in the Akashic Records and is the author of the Art of the Feminine Akashic Insight Newsletter; a monthly Akashic Records reading for the planet and humanity.