Join Shannon for a Summer Solstice live stream to activate your heart with the energy of the Sun! The Solstice in Cancer is one of the most sacred days of the year. We'll be talking about Solar Consciousness and how we can integrate the wisdom of the sunlight fluid to awaken our own consciousness and transmute the ego.

Art by Emily Balivet

THE DIVINE FEMININE WISDOM TEACHINGS - An Interview with Shannon Port and Anya Grace


Interview with Shannon Port and Anya Grace

Shannon Port of Art of the Feminine, and Anya Grace of Elevated Woman, discuss the Divine Feminine Wisdom and how it is opening and healing the heart of humanity at this time. Shannon talks about the Art of the Feminine platform and how she first came to the deeper realizations and understanding of the Mysteries of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine Archetypes of Consciousness. Anya shares her work with Elevated Woman and how it has changed her life and many of the women she is now working with. Shannon also talks in depth about her work with Light Body Yoga™ and the metaphysical wisdom of the awakening consciousness vehicle; the Body of Light. She introduces the concept of “The Eternal Maiden” Archetype and the true destiny of the Soul! Join Shannon and Anya for the playback of this interview!







Starts June 7th and runs through July 19th

The Work of the 2019 Light Body Yoga™ 7-Week Training:

  • Transmutation of the Elements

  • Opening the Heart Center

  • Awakening the Solar-Force

  • Purifying the WORD

  • Alchemical Union & Light Body Tantra

  • Mantric Words of Power

  • Archetypal Rituals for Creating

  • Activating the Divine BlueprinT

The 2019 Light Body Yoga™ training is going to be a special space to focus on preparing the mental and emotional consciousness vehicle to house the spiritual Body of Light - the awakened consciousness of the Divine Human Being.

We'll meet every Friday, starting June 7th, 12pm EST, for 75 minutes on a Zoom video conference. This is the first time that I'm offering the course on video format! The videos will be available for playback throughout the 7 weeks on the conference platform. You can join us live or watch the playback at your convenience. It makes no difference where you live. You will have access around the clock to the program.

This training will be a very powerful transmission of the consciousness for this coming Age. We are entering a period of great change on earth. Human Beings are being asked to upgrade their awareness to a new level of Unity and Divine Love. The training will focus on very special rituals created through a deep understanding and merging of the archetypal wisdom and the Divine Feminine knowledge of Creation.

The weekly sessions will consist of lectures, archetypal rituals, mantras, creative mudras, dance rituals and meditations. You will be given a practice and a key code each week to open the Seven Portals of Light in the human electro-magnetic field.

The training is not a physical asana course and you need no prior yoga experience to participate. There will be yoga asana sequences offered for those who are interested. You will receive a certificate from the course.

Early Bird Registration - $575. if paid by May 31st

$775. if paid by June 7th.

Launch Special Price! $575 Pay at this PayPal link for ART OF THE FEMININE:

For more information please visit:

or contact me directly HERE.

Shannon Port is the creator and founder of the Art of the Feminine Platform and the Light Body Yoga Teachings. She has been a Divine Feminine Teacher working with her original body of work since 2003. Her work focuses on a deep and penetrating knowledge of the archetypal wisdom of the Universe and it's application to open and heal the heart of humanity.


Venus & the Power of Emotions

With Shannon Port


In this podcast we'll be discussing some very power ways that our emotional body directs our life-force and creates all of our experiences. The power of the emotions is ruled by the Goddess Venus (Key 3, The Empress), and her archetype can teach us how we can open the portal of the heart for deep emotional healing and self love so that we can pour our deepest creative gifts into our relationships and into the world.

Some of the topics for the call:

- Emotional Boundaries & Personal Power
- Ascending the Emotional Scale
- Healing Grief, Betrayal & Loss
- Honoring the Wounds of the Masculine & Feminine
- Accessing and Transmuting the Unconscious Realms
- Clearing Emotional Blocks
- Emotional Creative Force
- Relationship Patterning in the Auric Field

Copyright © 2016 Shannon Port. All rights reserved.


The Magnificent Power of the Human Heart and Spirit

Art by Edward Robert Hughes

Art by Edward Robert Hughes

The Magnificent Power of the Human Heart and Spirit

By Shannon Port

It is important to remember that throughout history there have always been sacred souls who have chosen to believe and persevere against all odds when the forces of evil were upon them. We have examples of countless human souls in the darkest hours on this planet accessing the depths of the human heart's power and potential to prevail against the Dark. The Dark doesn't want us to remember such acts of courage and strength; they want us to believe that we have been incapacitated by some external world technology. 

The Human Spirit is more powerful than any technology or dark agenda. If you can remember who you are, you can access the pathway that is buried deep within you, to the Infinite within your own heart. 

Many people in the world today, feel they do not have access to this portal within, and many actually do not because they have lost their ability to feel Universal Love. It has atrophied with the replacement of the false pursuits of the external world. 

If you can gaze upon the sunrise in the morning and know that the power of the Sun can rise within you, just the same as it does in the sky, you will receive the beams of wisdom and truth that will guide you on your way and awaken a power far more fierce than mind control.  

We are here to do exactly this. We knew what we would be up against when we signed on to our mission. We can only be blocked and held up with dark implants and technology if we allow ourselves to think like a sleeping human who has no idea of the Spirit within them. Many are in this helpless situation, and they are counting on those who can feel with Intuitive Strength, to anchor and balance the rising frequencies on our planet. 

We are already doing this. Many souls on earth have much more power than they are currently accessing. That will be changing very soon. Those who know, Now, are already feeling the shift, and holding the vision of the most beautiful awakening for all Humanity. 

Remember that our internal states of consciousness are the higher astral blueprint for what we create in the external world. With the discipline of a warrior, and the love of a Mother, we can nurture the real emotions of the Goddess within our Being and create a reality that heals and honors all Life on Earth. 

With Great Love & Unshakable Faith,

Shannon Port 


Copyright © 2016 Shannon Port. All rights reserved.

Understanding the Divine Feminine


LIVE Google Hangout on Air: Recorded Friday, April 17th, 2015!

Join Shannon Port of Art of the Feminine and Sara Isabelle Marie Johansson of Worlds of Comfort for a powerful discussion on the sacred energies of the Divine Feminine and how they are affecting our healing and expanding consciousness at this time on Earth. Sara will present Shannon with questions from viewers to open up a discussion on the Wisdom of Sophia's Heart and the reconciliation of the masculine and feminine in our World.

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The Inner Mystery School of Divine Love


Starts Friday, May 1st, 2015, BELTANE!

Art of the Feminine Presents: The Inner Mystery School of Divine Love with Shannon Port: A 7-Week Tele-Course for Men and Women to Enter into the Inner Mysteries of the Goddess through the Divine Feminine Wisdom.

The course will be a profound journey into the inner sanctum of the Heart to meet with the Presence of the Divine Feminine spark of Creation. It is in the heart that we give birth to our soul on the physical plane. The Mysteries have long been veiled to humanity through a thick, dark, layer of ignorance that kept us locked out of the true power of Life. When we are separated in consciousness from the Wisdom we have to work for everything; our food, shelter, love, and spiritual power. Now, there are many human beings who are ready to penetrate the veil with a pure mind and heart and walk into the higher Understanding of what it means to create on Earth. We are remembering how to heal our perception and how to birth through the Heart's Womb by entering into the Gnosis of Divine Love. The Spring Equinox in Aries opened a portal for a new dispensation of the Sun's healing rays to fertilize the consciousness of both Mankind and Womankind and to heal the separation between the masculine and feminine in our world. The first week of May is an auspicious time for making contact to establish an important link with the Inner Plane.

In this 7-week course, we will meet on Friday's, the day of Love & the day of Venus, for a 90-minute group session by phone. We will be working through the Law of Seven to build the bridge to unite the Inner and Outer planes of Consciousness so that one may have access to both waking and dreaming, inner and outer, conscious and subconscious realities and be in full communication with the Inner Guidance of the Higher Self. When we establish this incorruptible link with the Divine Sacred Fire within, we begin to transform everything that we come into contact with and we begin to build our Spiritual Body to be the permanent home for our soul. Divine Love, then becomes the Eternal Force of Light in our life.

Please join me if you feel called for this profound opportunity to unite with other souls who share your readiness to see beyond the Illusion of our World and enter into the Mysteries of the Goddess.

Please contact me if you would like to receive more information on THE INNER MYSTERY SCHOOL OF DIVINE LOVE. I would be happy to answer any specific questions for you. 

The cost of the 7-week course, which includes 7 sessions (over ten hours of guided lecture and meditation), 2 one-hour Q&A sessions, a community page to interact with other members of the course, a reading list and a booklet from the course is $575. for early registration and $775. after April 21st, 2015. The cost of the group program is about 1/3 of the cost of the 3-month private mentoring program. I've had many requests for a group program and this is it! I am beyond excited about the frequency of this work with a group. If you have any questions about cost or content please contact me.

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The Art of Manifestation ~ Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Patricia Ariel 

Recording of podcast:

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Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

January 29th, 2014: The Art of Manifestation 

Wisdom of Tarot Series: Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune

In this call I discuss the secret to creating from the higher plane of Heart Consciousness while living in a world of duality/polarity consciousness. 

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Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Recording of Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Part One:   

Part Two:

Weekly Art of the Feminine Call with Shannon Port

June 5, 2013: Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart 

The Heart is the true Source of Creation. When we are trapped in the illusion of the physical world we have no access to the magical Inner Sanctum of the Heart - where all Creation takes place. As we awaken and perceive the Reality beyond form we are invited into the garden to partake of the Universal Laws of Creation through the Creative Imagination and Will. At this time Humanity is being pushed to awaken to the Truth of this Great Work. As we purify our Ego-mind and allow the Divine Will to work through us we will return to our pristine state of Receptivity and experience the Unity of all Life.

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The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm, Recording of Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Weekly Art of the Feminine Call with Shannon Port

May 29th, 2013: The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm

Our Planetary Sexuality is changing and women are a big part of this change. As women, one by one, remember their Self-Worth on every level, they will begin to connect to their original Feminine Creative Power ~ Shakti Force ~ and send out a healing wave that is capable of uplifting Humanity. This call addresses some of the ways that this change is taking place. We are born to work together and this is a very important piece to restoring balance to the collective Masculine and Feminine on Earth.

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