The Alchemical Wedding

By Shannon Port 

When the soul entered into the dimension of space and time we had to have both the vertical and the horizontal axis - the cross of matter. This is when the soul split into two parts and became the Primordial Adam and Eve, with one plane representing the mind and one plane representing the heart. There is a sacred point where these two divine principles intersect and give birth to the union of spirit and matter - known as the heavenly Rose in esoteric teachings . Because we have been so predominantly of the mind in the past cycle of creation we were not able to access the plane which represents the stairway to heaven. With only the mind functioning we were trapped in the dense, dualistic world of matter without a strong connection to the vertical axis found in the heart. Primordial Adam represents the mind and Primordial Eve represents the heart. In the Kabbalah these two divine principles are known as the fire triangle and the water triangle - the solar and lunar principles. Their interlacing is represented by the Star of David. Both exist within each soul and yet there is a strong resonance to one or the other through the vessel of the body.

The collective woman, who is a representation of Primordial Eve, holds the resonant field of Love within her aura. Because this field was distorted into something that it is not, access to the higher world was cut off from our awareness in both man and woman. In order for us to give birth to the heavenly Rose, both planes must be operative and in harmonious relationship to one another. There is Great Work to be done in both the collective man and woman; however, because there was an intense repression of the feminine principle, there is a specific collective healing taking place within Eve. As she flowers in her remembrance of her true nature she will awaken something that has been sleeping on earth. This is the divine Dance, the celebration of Life, the honoring of the sacred formless Spirit that animates all Life. When the heart of the human race is healed, our mind will be elevated once again to experience the Reason and Intelligent Consciousness of the higher worlds. 

Shannon Port © 2013, The Divine Dance of Primordial Adam and Eve l Artist: "Alchemical Wedding, The Sacred Marriage" by Emily Balivet 

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Understanding the Divine Feminine: Part One, Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Recording for the weekly Art of the Feminine call with Shannon Port on 02.06.2013: Understanding the Divine Feminine. This call addresses how the Divine Feminine works in both man and woman and why we are remembering our connection to Her at this time.
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Sacred Union of the Collective Man and Woman

By Shannon Port

It will take both Man and Woman, working together consciously, to do the Great Work of Sacred Union on our Planet. Both bring tremendous gifts to the World and to each other. The Collective Man and the Collective Woman are two halves of ONE SOUL. In reality there is only One Spirit within all of us. We all have both Masculine and Feminine within us. In the World of Matter we are ALL the Feminine polarity to the Spirit of the Formless World and we will all give Birth to our Body of Light when we consciously enter into the High Mysteries of our Soul and Spirit- making us all Mothers.

In metaphysical and esoteric teachings the word Mother is a loaded Cosmic Force that hides the Great Mysteries of Life. The Divine Father and Divine Mother of Creation are eternally together in Cosmic Sacred Union. We are now preparing to consciously reconcile the Masculine and the Feminine in our World to return to a balance of Mind, Heart and Will.

Through the Mystical Marriage, also known as the Inner Marriage of Soul and Spirit, we become Whole. The two halves (Masculine and Feminine) within us become One and we remember how to Give Light to all those we meet along our path. We Shine like the Sun on everyone. As we awaken into a higher consciousness we will be blessed with a New Understanding of our power to create from the Heart in the world of Matter. We will remember how to create from Unity Consciousness.

At this time we are experiencing a great balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies - both within and without. Each of us is a Microcosm of the Planet and the balancing is happening within each of us according to the level we are able to Receive it - which is determined by our individual level of consciousness. During this time of balancing, both Man and Woman will call forth their higher gifts and share them - the greatest being Respect and Love for each other. There are metaphysical gifts that are the counterpart to the physical gifts of Man and Woman - Light and Love. There are also two components to the Feminine - an active and a receptive. There is an emphasis on liberating the Feminine in BOTH Man and Woman now because there has been a long cycle of suppression of the Feminine in both halves of the Human Soul. This Feminine we speak of is the Power of the Heart - which will allow us to have the Knowledge of the Higher Mind and Reason. When the Mind thinks from Love and the Heart feels from Wisdom we have Perfect Sacred Union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and we awaken the Divine Will on Earth.

Shannon Port © 2013, Sacred Union of the Collective Man and Woman l Artist Unknown

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The Shift in the Female Sexual Paradigm

By Shannon Port

The Feminine Sexual Energy is the most potent force on the planet. Much has been misunderstood about woman's power to create - especially by the Collective Woman. When we fell into the lower consciousness the wisdom of our true power was hidden from us. The world we are living in is being run by the lower sexual energies. They have harnessed the energy of the Feminine and run it through the Fallen Will. Woman is in the process of remembering what she is capable of creating when she aligns with the Light of her Spirit and turns from the illusion that has been projected onto her.

The problems that we face as a Human Race will not be solved at the same level of consciousness they are operating on. We must go to the higher vibration within ourselves to remember what this Feminine Sexual Energy is all about and how we can awaken it wisely. This energy will be Received by the woman who has a deep and genuine Love for herself and for humanity. Only a pure Heart is capable of working with this Great Force of Love. It is the most powerful Force in the Universe.

The lower energies have taken such a hold of the collective male sexuality. Not every man is under their spell - but the collective male consciousness has been deeply affected by the presence of the Fallen Paradigm and the collective Feminine has a deep wound to heal as a result. This lower consciousness has been embedded on the Planet through the darker sexual outlets. Woman cannot ignore this. If she does she ends up operating within it and giving her energy to it at the subconscious level. At this time we need to access our Wisdom and work together - both Man and Woman. Fighting from the Ego will only create more of the same. Our Sexual Energy was never meant to be separated from Wisdom and Love - when it is it wreaks havoc on us.

Everything has a vibration - including our sexuality. It falls somewhere on the spectrum of light to dark. Freedom comes from UNDERSTANDING what kind of energy we are creating with our actions. The Shift in Sexual Consciousness will be initiated by the Woman. Woman can go within herself and seek the real Reflection of her Light and change the Mirror in the World. She can show Man a different image. This is the gift of the Feminine. The change won't come from trying to control the Fallen Paradigm - it is too strong at this time. The old energies will fall when the New Feminine Truth is shining out from Woman. As we see this start to happen we will have a deeper Understanding of what this energy is all about and how it can be used to heal our World.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Shift in the Female Sexual Paradigm l Artist Unknown, Original by Michael Whelan

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One Woman One Love: Part l

By Shannon Port

Women are uniting in the Heart. We are remembering that we are One Woman. We could never really compete with each other for anything. The illusion taught us that we could be threatened by another woman. It taught us a false belief that we had to compete for love. This has never been so. All that is Real belongs to all of us. Nothing that is real can ever be taken away. Anything that is won by the false will perish. The Truth will remain when all else is gone. We are one Body and Soul with one purpose. This lifetime is only a flash and everything in the material world changes. The young grow old and the old grow young again. To compete in the physical realm is to be in bondage of the Ego. The Spirit is alive in every Woman in the world. All are expressions of the Divine Primordial Woman. 

The most important thing to do now is to check in with our Self and make sure that every one of our thoughts, words and feelings is aligned with the knowing that we are One. When we align with this KNOWING - the Force of Love will work Miracles through our Presence in the World. The old paradigm divided women and caused us to work against each other keeping us from UNITY. The support for this paradigm has left the planet. Anyone who chooses to stay in it will be shaken quite dramatically. We are moving into the knowing of our Oneness. When we align with Oneness willingly, we will be supported by the Universe in ways we never even imagined. The Feminine is being restored to its auspicious place in the World. Those who hold the Vibration of Love in their Heart will be the Teachers, Healers and Leaders of the New Era. ♥ 

Shannon Port © 2013 , One Woman One Love: Part l l Artist: Marianne Millar

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The New Sexual Paradigm of the Coming Age of Love

By Shannon Port

We are entering a phase of Evolution that is going to awaken an entirely New Sexuality on the Planet. Everything that we are now familiar with is on its way out. We have taken things as far as they can go to an extreme. The exploitation of the Feminine is coming to an end. The Feminine is destined to lead in the coming Era and there is going to be a reconciliation of our Sexuality with Divine Love. Our Sexuality serves a much higher purpose than we are currently aware of. The Ego mind has no way of grasping this information. It can only be accessed through the Heart. Therefore, the Ego will fight it all the way and go out kicking and screaming like a small child.

As we enter the Era of the Feminine and begin the Regeneration of the Human Soul, that which has been of the lower Ego vibration will not be able to withstand the Light. This next Era is going to bring an awakening of the Feminine Force -- the Active Feminine Solar Power which will align us with the Divine Will. Everything about our Sexuality is going to change. Everything. We have been living in a Fallen Paradigm and we have believed a false notion that we can consume one another through the Sexual Act.

Our Higher Sexuality is an act of Sacred Union with the Divine and a complete honoring of the Other. Women know this in their Heart but they have become so conditioned over the past cycle to see themselves through the eyes of the Fallen Paradigm and to project this paradigm back into the World. This poses a huge contradiction because it is the Woman who births every male on the planet. Woman is Man's first teacher. If the Woman believes falsely she perpetuates the false paradigm through her Child and it goes on in a continuous cycle.

Woman has far more power to affect positive change than she has yet realized. Those who are ready to receive the New Feminine Vibration from the Spirit will be feeling an activation, almost like a download, as we enter into 2013. This power will choose to awaken where there is a Purity of Heart and Soul. It knows exactly where to go and what to do. We cannot fool the Divine. We are totally transparent to the Light Force. Those who have an earnest desire to serve the Human Race with complete integrity will become our Teachers, Healers and Leaders in the coming Age of Love.

Shannon Port © 2012, The New Sexual Paradigm of the Coming Age of Love

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Entering the Era of the Feminine

By Shannon Port

The Shift into the Feminine Era is happening now and we are seeing and feeling the awakening happening around the world. Awareness is being born in more hearts and minds than ever before. Things that have been going on for thousands of years to hurt the Feminine Energy on the planet are being brought into the Light of Consciousness.

It was meant for us to wake up at this time. There are souls who have sacrificed their lives to birth this new awareness. We can show our respect by integrating the change which they have initiated by their sacrifice. We must integrate this Shift deep within our Heart. As we do so it will shift the Power of our Creativity and our Sexuality in ways which we have only dreamed of until now.

We have been sleeping until this time. Women have not realized their power to create a New World. That is changing now and both Man and Woman are being shown that they must work together in the New Vibration that is awakening on Earth. All that chooses not to expand into a higher Truth and Love will Fall to the ground.

This New Era of the Feminine is the Era of Divine Love. It is a time of Remembering what is important to our Soul. Divine Love holds an entirely different vibration than the love we have experienced until now. Divine Love emanates from Unity and knows that there is no other way than to see every single Human Being as a Reflection of the One Self.

With every tragedy and horrific treatment of the Feminine in the World we must choose to awaken within our Heart even Deeper. We must keep going deeper into our own Truth and Knowing (Gnosis) of the Law of Love. This Law of Love is the most powerful Force in the Cosmos. It is the Divine Mother Herself, acting to awaken Her Children.

It is our Great Work to begin to see with the Eye of the Heart. Through this Eye we will Shift the World. Each individual affects the Whole. The Power truly is within each of us. Once we make the shift in our own Heart the whole world will change.

Shannon Port © 2012, Entering the Era of the Feminine l Artist Unknown

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Seeing from the Heart's Vision

We are remembering how to see from our Heart. The Heart allows us to see the Spiritual Realm in the world of Matter. It shows us the Formless Reality that holds the Secrets of Life. As we remember how to see from our Heart's Vision we will begin to create from a place of Unity and Harmony and our creations will hold great Magic!

Shannon Port © 2012, Seeing from the Heart's Vision l Artist Unknown

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Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

Within the Heart the Masculine and Feminine are One. They are two sides of One Being. In the Heart they Dance and Sing together making beautiful Music. We are all both Masculine and Feminine. As we move into the Age of the Heart we will remember that all the Energies of Creation are found within Us. The Whole of all Knowledge is alive inside our Heart. There is no external knowledge. All that we need is here Now. We are moving into a time when we will create through our Receptivity to the Ocean of Life. We will remember the Akashic Level of the Soul and draw all Divine Knowledge from this Sacred Level of Life. The Central Pillar on the Tree of Life is Awakening in the New Era. Man and Woman are Remembering how to work together as One Force of Love and Light.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Dance of the Masculine and Feminine l Artist: Tomasz Alen Kopera

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Awakening the Feminine Force

By Shannon Port

Within every Man there is a receptive Feminine Heart and within every Woman there is an active Feminine Force. Man is now preparing to awaken his Receptivity and Woman is activating the Power of her Divine Will. What was once suppressed in the collective Woman will be liberated and what was once lost to Man will be found again. The Divine Will is accessed through a Receptiveness to the Creative Power of the Heart. The Feminine Force is the Creative Power of Life Itself and it operates on many levels of Creation.

 In the previous Male Cycle we believed that projecting our thoughts, desires and fears was the way to achieve the things we wanted. We believed that we are all separate from each other - each man for himself. The Male Principle has been the active force on the planet and the Feminine Principle has been playing a subservient role to the Fallen Will. The Male Principle has been working through the lower Egoic Mind rather than the Divine Mind. This caused a consciousness of Fear to take over within us and we lost our connection to Unity Consciousness.

 This is all changing as we pass through the Portal into the New Consciousness of the next cycle. The Female is becoming the active force on the Planet. She is going to have her turn leading the Human Race. This is all part of the Law of Cycles. This awakening is not about power in the old sense of the word - it is about aligning with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan for the Evolution of the Earth and the Human Race. It is the Heart's turn to lead. Woman, being the physical representation of the Heart is naturally feeling the resonance of the Shift in a very big way as we enter the Female Cycle.

 This Shift involves a reconciliation of the Feminine and Masculine Principles, within and without. This could also be seen as a reconciliation between the Man and the Woman. Man and Woman are equal. They are two parts of one Soul. Each has a function based on their physical and spiritual bodies. When we think of the mind we are usually thinking of the Egoic Mind - but there is a Divine Mind. That Mind has been lost to Man. Only through the Heart can he reunite with the Divine Mind which links him to his Higher Self and to the Source of Light and Life.

 Woman has a special role to play in guiding Mankind back into his Heart. Woman will initiate this journey within herself first, and then within the Man. We will enter into a period of balancing the energies on Earth as they have been off balance for a very long time. This will require that we work together and in Love. The Feminine Principle is very powerful in the World of Form and as it awakens it will usher in a Divine Love that will uplift the Human Race as a Mother would love and uplift her Child.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Awakening the Feminine Force l Artist Unknown

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