The Secret Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness

The Star by  Pamela Wells 

The Star by Pamela Wells 

The Secret Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness

With Shannon Port

Starts on Fall Equinox!!!

A 7-Week Tele-Course to Unlock the Mystery of the Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot & the Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet

Starts Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015, 12pm EST - runs 7 weeks on Wednesdays. Last session is on Wednesday, November 4th, 2015. Each call is 90-minutes. The calls will be available to listen to on recording for those who cannot attend the sessions live.

The course will cover these topics:

  • Divine Feminine Archetypes
  • Divine Masculine Archetypes
  • The Law of 777
  • The Law of Correspondences
  • The Hebrew Letters of Mystical Kabbalah
  • Tree of Life
  • The Ascension of Human Consciousness
  • The Secret Codes & Symbols of Sacred Tarot
  • The Divine Feminine Wisdom
  • Opening the Higher Perception of the Soul

Shannon Port has become a well known voice internationally, on the Wisdom of the Major Arcana. She combines a scholarly knowledge of the Archetypes with a penetrating Intuitive Wisdom that opens the teachings to pour through the Beings that are the 22 Archetypes of our Divine Consciousness. Her work has been incorporated by Psychologists, Artists, Writers, Teachers and Personal Coaches around the world. More and more she is being sought out by members of the corporate world who are looking for ways to balance the patriarchal systems that have taken over our society.

Along with being incredibly well-versed in the esoteric Wisdom - Shannon has a deep connection and unique interpretation of the 22 Divine Archetypes of Consciousness drawn from her extensive work in the Divine Feminine Wisdom, The Alchemy of Sexuality and the Power of the Word. Her work is guided by the understanding of the Goddess and her Rebirth into the Heart of Humanity as well as the reconciliation of the Masculine & Feminine on Earth.

Shannon's work in the Sacred Tarot was first recognized on a global scale with the Art of the Feminine Podcast Series of 2013: The Wisdom of the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness. The podcast is available on iTunes and currently being uploaded to Youtube on the Shannon Port Channel.

The cost of the course: Early Registration on or before September 17th: $575. After early registration: $775. The Sessions start on Wednesday, September 23rd and run through Wednesday, November 4th, 12pm EST.

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© Shannon Port 2015


Healing the Global Sexual Crisis, Recording of Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Weekly Art of the Feminine Call with Shannon Port

May 8th, 2013: Healing the Global Sexual Crisis

We have potent energy coming to Earth at this time to help us heal our Human Sexuality. Thursday, May 9th, we have a powerful New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of the Divine Mother, Nature, Human Sexuality and Fertility. Taurus rules the throat, and Venus, its ruler, gives a Voice to sexuality and resonates with the Heart and the Feminine Principle. I'll be discussing the misuse of our planetary sexual energy and how we can heal the distortions with Wisdom, Love and Understanding and return to the original Divine Blueprint of the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter. 

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Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist ~ Eva Ruiz

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Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces to Awaken the Body of Light: Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Art of the Feminine weekly call with Shannon Port:

February 27th, 2013: Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces to Awaken the Body of Light

The call addresses the mystical marriage of the inner masculine and feminine principles and how it gives birth to a third principle which will uplift humanity and heal the Planet. 

Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist: "Night and Day" by Tristan Elwell 

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The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual & Divine: Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Art of the Feminine weekly call with Shannon Port:

February 20th, 2013: The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual and Divine

The call addresses the conscious evolution of human sexuality and how it is affecting the healing of the Earth and humanity.

Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist: Patricia Ariel 

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The Alchemical Wedding

By Shannon Port 

When the soul entered into the dimension of space and time we had to have both the vertical and the horizontal axis - the cross of matter. This is when the soul split into two parts and became the Primordial Adam and Eve, with one plane representing the mind and one plane representing the heart. There is a sacred point where these two divine principles intersect and give birth to the union of spirit and matter - known as the heavenly Rose in esoteric teachings . Because we have been so predominantly of the mind in the past cycle of creation we were not able to access the plane which represents the stairway to heaven. With only the mind functioning we were trapped in the dense, dualistic world of matter without a strong connection to the vertical axis found in the heart. Primordial Adam represents the mind and Primordial Eve represents the heart. In the Kabbalah these two divine principles are known as the fire triangle and the water triangle - the solar and lunar principles. Their interlacing is represented by the Star of David. Both exist within each soul and yet there is a strong resonance to one or the other through the vessel of the body.

The collective woman, who is a representation of Primordial Eve, holds the resonant field of Love within her aura. Because this field was distorted into something that it is not, access to the higher world was cut off from our awareness in both man and woman. In order for us to give birth to the heavenly Rose, both planes must be operative and in harmonious relationship to one another. There is Great Work to be done in both the collective man and woman; however, because there was an intense repression of the feminine principle, there is a specific collective healing taking place within Eve. As she flowers in her remembrance of her true nature she will awaken something that has been sleeping on earth. This is the divine Dance, the celebration of Life, the honoring of the sacred formless Spirit that animates all Life. When the heart of the human race is healed, our mind will be elevated once again to experience the Reason and Intelligent Consciousness of the higher worlds. 

Shannon Port © 2013, The Divine Dance of Primordial Adam and Eve l Artist: "Alchemical Wedding, The Sacred Marriage" by Emily Balivet 

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Understanding the Divine Feminine: Part One, Weekly Call with Shannon Port

Recording for the weekly Art of the Feminine call with Shannon Port on 02.06.2013: Understanding the Divine Feminine. This call addresses how the Divine Feminine works in both man and woman and why we are remembering our connection to Her at this time.
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