Entering the Era of the Feminine

By Shannon Port

The Shift into the Feminine Era is happening now and we are seeing and feeling the awakening happening around the world. Awareness is being born in more hearts and minds than ever before. Things that have been going on for thousands of years to hurt the Feminine Energy on the planet are being brought into the Light of Consciousness.

It was meant for us to wake up at this time. There are souls who have sacrificed their lives to birth this new awareness. We can show our respect by integrating the change which they have initiated by their sacrifice. We must integrate this Shift deep within our Heart. As we do so it will shift the Power of our Creativity and our Sexuality in ways which we have only dreamed of until now.

We have been sleeping until this time. Women have not realized their power to create a New World. That is changing now and both Man and Woman are being shown that they must work together in the New Vibration that is awakening on Earth. All that chooses not to expand into a higher Truth and Love will Fall to the ground.

This New Era of the Feminine is the Era of Divine Love. It is a time of Remembering what is important to our Soul. Divine Love holds an entirely different vibration than the love we have experienced until now. Divine Love emanates from Unity and knows that there is no other way than to see every single Human Being as a Reflection of the One Self.

With every tragedy and horrific treatment of the Feminine in the World we must choose to awaken within our Heart even Deeper. We must keep going deeper into our own Truth and Knowing (Gnosis) of the Law of Love. This Law of Love is the most powerful Force in the Cosmos. It is the Divine Mother Herself, acting to awaken Her Children.

It is our Great Work to begin to see with the Eye of the Heart. Through this Eye we will Shift the World. Each individual affects the Whole. The Power truly is within each of us. Once we make the shift in our own Heart the whole world will change.

Shannon Port © 2012, Entering the Era of the Feminine l Artist Unknown

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