Light Body Yoga™ Workshop with Shannon Port

The human race is going through a period of profound spiritual evolution. At this time we are being given the opportunity to awaken to our greatest potential as creative spiritual Beings. This awakening will come through the alchemy of transformation which brings the Internal Masculine and the Internal Feminine into harmony with each other. As the mind comes into perfect balance with the heart there will come the birth of the Superconsciousness in man. This alchemy is also known as the Internal Marriage of the soul and spirit. The marriage of the soul and spirit produces an offspring - that offspring is known as the awakened Soul or the Body of Light. The awakened Body of Light brings tremendous Love and Light into manifestation in your life and makes you a magnet to attract everything that will assist you in your divine Destiny.

In this Light Body Yoga™ workshop you will receive tools and practices and Wisdom to consciously awaken your Body of Light. Light Body Yoga is made up of the Seven Points of Light. These seven centers also known as the seven chakras or seven stars of light contain the wisdom of our spiritual evolutionary process. In this workshop you will be guided through a physical practice of yoga asanas and creative movement and experience practices to awaken your heart center and open you to the creative power of your WORD. You will be given powerful tools to focus your mind and awaken the limitless creative power of Love within your Body, Mind and Soul. These practical tools are invaluable gifts for your spiritual journey. 
Light Body Yoga™ Workshop with Shannon Port - Sunday May 1, 2011 @ Starr Yoga, 10AM-12PM, 104 East Ashland Street, Doylestown, Pa, 18901