Sacred Union of the Collective Man and Woman

By Shannon Port

It will take both Man and Woman, working together consciously, to do the Great Work of Sacred Union on our Planet. Both bring tremendous gifts to the World and to each other. The Collective Man and the Collective Woman are two halves of ONE SOUL. In reality there is only One Spirit within all of us. We all have both Masculine and Feminine within us. In the World of Matter we are ALL the Feminine polarity to the Spirit of the Formless World and we will all give Birth to our Body of Light when we consciously enter into the High Mysteries of our Soul and Spirit- making us all Mothers.

In metaphysical and esoteric teachings the word Mother is a loaded Cosmic Force that hides the Great Mysteries of Life. The Divine Father and Divine Mother of Creation are eternally together in Cosmic Sacred Union. We are now preparing to consciously reconcile the Masculine and the Feminine in our World to return to a balance of Mind, Heart and Will.

Through the Mystical Marriage, also known as the Inner Marriage of Soul and Spirit, we become Whole. The two halves (Masculine and Feminine) within us become One and we remember how to Give Light to all those we meet along our path. We Shine like the Sun on everyone. As we awaken into a higher consciousness we will be blessed with a New Understanding of our power to create from the Heart in the world of Matter. We will remember how to create from Unity Consciousness.

At this time we are experiencing a great balancing of the Masculine and Feminine energies - both within and without. Each of us is a Microcosm of the Planet and the balancing is happening within each of us according to the level we are able to Receive it - which is determined by our individual level of consciousness. During this time of balancing, both Man and Woman will call forth their higher gifts and share them - the greatest being Respect and Love for each other. There are metaphysical gifts that are the counterpart to the physical gifts of Man and Woman - Light and Love. There are also two components to the Feminine - an active and a receptive. There is an emphasis on liberating the Feminine in BOTH Man and Woman now because there has been a long cycle of suppression of the Feminine in both halves of the Human Soul. This Feminine we speak of is the Power of the Heart - which will allow us to have the Knowledge of the Higher Mind and Reason. When the Mind thinks from Love and the Heart feels from Wisdom we have Perfect Sacred Union of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and we awaken the Divine Will on Earth.

Shannon Port © 2013, Sacred Union of the Collective Man and Woman l Artist Unknown

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