The Sound of an Awakening Planet

By Shannon Port

There are silent changes taking place within Mother Earth at this time. Her Heart is quickening and calling forth the transcendent light from the Cosmic Heart. The forests and animals and oceans know that there is a new energy in our physical realm. When we spend time in Nature we can feel her and she is able to connect deeply with our hearts. We are her children and we are one with her - the entire physical world is one Being. In the physical world we are all the feminine polarity to the spirit. The most potent part of our energy body has been locked up for a very long time. We are just beginning to see it awaken on the planet and many are feeling the call to consciously align with the new, higher frequencies that are now present.

The Earth is singing. She is sending out a tone that is calling forth the energy of the heavens with her heart. There is a new sound coming from the trees and the birds. As one world dies, another world is being born. This sacred light that has come to the planet is slowly weaving a web that will lift us when the time comes for our ascension into the Heart.

Through our breath, we are all connected. The breath is the carrier of the Spirit. It is the vehicle of the Language of Light. There is one breath moving through all of us and when we return to our breath with consciousness, our heart opens and we begin to understand on the deeper levels of our soul what is taking place. We begin to realize that we are supported by our Mother. She is doing great work at this time for all of us. When we breathe with her, we feel the force of her Love and we become her majestic sons and daughters.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Sound of an Awakening Planet l Artist Ben Hodson

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