The Inner Alchemy of Now

By Shannon Port

As we awaken and tune in to the voice of the Inner Self, we are guided to transmute all that is dark in the world with our Presence of Light. This is the true alchemy. Each time we are faced with something that threatens our peace and pokes at our wound, we have the opportunity to react and become defensive and aggressive and awaken the lower emotions of the body of pain - or we can choose to stay connected to the voice of the Inner Presence and transmute the lower energies into light. This is the Great Work. This is the work of the alchemists and the lightworkers - transmuting lead into gold by holding space in our awareness for the Light to come into Matter. 

We are Human conduits of Light. We are here to awaken to the light of our Spirit on Earth. When we align with the present moment and breathe deeply, nothing can shake us and we become a Chalice that can hold the Heavenly Light. 

Every hour we are given opportunities to enlighten by our response to situations. We are still learning and we are not yet perfect, however, each time we choose the Inner Presence over the fearful body of pain, we come closer to our true Nature. 

The more often we find these states of peaceful neutrality -the easier it becomes for us to shift the lower energies into light. Our ego is very tricky and works through feelings of self righteousness telling us that we have the right to attack with our thoughts and feelings and words. It believes that we have been deeply hurt and offended by the behavior of others. It raises the lower emotions of judgement, criticism, competition, envy, lack, abandonment, and the list goes on. 

We will come into our full power as alchemists when our thoughts, words, and actions are aligned with the Inner Presence that shines the light of our Higher Self in the Now. This is our liberation. We are meant to have a real voice that speaks the truth from a place of power rather than from our shadow. The Higher Self heals and transmutes our body of pain - the ego builds the prison walls higher and strengthens our wounds and old negative patterns. When we choose to connect to our Spirit in the Now, we shine a light so bright it eats the darkness. 

We can make profound progress by transmuting as we go. And when we catch ourself spiraling in the wrong direction it is even more powerful to stop and shift directions in the moment. Each time we prevent a full free fall into the body of pain we gain so much light. This is the work that is most important for us to awaken - the work of our inner alchemy - the great merging of our soul and spirit.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Inner Alchemy of Now l Artist Unknown

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