One Woman One Love: Part l

By Shannon Port

Women are uniting in the Heart. We are remembering that we are One Woman. We could never really compete with each other for anything. The illusion taught us that we could be threatened by another woman. It taught us a false belief that we had to compete for love. This has never been so. All that is Real belongs to all of us. Nothing that is real can ever be taken away. Anything that is won by the false will perish. The Truth will remain when all else is gone. We are one Body and Soul with one purpose. This lifetime is only a flash and everything in the material world changes. The young grow old and the old grow young again. To compete in the physical realm is to be in bondage of the Ego. The Spirit is alive in every Woman in the world. All are expressions of the Divine Primordial Woman. 

The most important thing to do now is to check in with our Self and make sure that every one of our thoughts, words and feelings is aligned with the knowing that we are One. When we align with this KNOWING - the Force of Love will work Miracles through our Presence in the World. The old paradigm divided women and caused us to work against each other keeping us from UNITY. The support for this paradigm has left the planet. Anyone who chooses to stay in it will be shaken quite dramatically. We are moving into the knowing of our Oneness. When we align with Oneness willingly, we will be supported by the Universe in ways we never even imagined. The Feminine is being restored to its auspicious place in the World. Those who hold the Vibration of Love in their Heart will be the Teachers, Healers and Leaders of the New Era. ♥ 

Shannon Port © 2013 , One Woman One Love: Part l l Artist: Marianne Millar

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