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Dear Friends,

I'm away this week on retreat in the Berkshires. I"ll be back for the weekly Art of the Feminine call on Wednesday, October 30th, just in time for Samhain! Blessings, Shannon

Wisdom of the Sacred Tarot ~

In early September we began the Wisdom of the Sacred Tarot Series. Each week on the call/podcast, I'm discussing one the the archetypes of human consciousness through the 22 Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot. If you have been wanting to explore these powerful archetypes and learn more about the Tarot this is a wonderful platform to come and share and bring your questions. 

In this format we are looking not only at the archetype of the week, but also how it applies directly to what is going on in the World at this time. We are using these Sacred Keys to unlock the powerful Wisdom that is available to all of us during the shift we are taking part in on Earth. 

If you are interested, and haven't had the chance to listen to any of the previous calls/podcasts, The Fool through The Emperor, they are available for FREE on iTunes for download. This would be a great time to get caught up on the calls and join in on October 30th, for the next archetype, The Hierophant! The recordings of the past calls are also available on this blog if you scroll through the entries.

To access the iTunes Podcast:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/art-feminine-weekly-calls/id627164561?mt=2

To join the weekly calls live at 12PM EST every Wednesday: 

Call in number: 1.862.902.0100
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Hope to see you there!

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