Fertility in the Electro-Magnetic Field

By Shannon Port l Art by Mara Friedman New Moon Visions Sacred Art

We are totally transparent to the Universe. Although we can fool each other, we can never fool our Self/Source. Every thought, word and feeling is shining from our electro-magnetic field and magnetizing all of our experiences. Our Great Work now is to keep clearing negative patterns that are no longer needed. We've been transmuting the dark elements within our soul for the past cycle and bringing them into the light. In this way they have served us greatly in our awakening process. Our work now is to stay in the Present moment and receive the Flow of Life and Love from our Source and allow it to move freely through us. 

In the present moment we naturally access Forgiveness and Grace. Acceptance in the Now moment transmutes all of the lower emotions. They cannot withstand the Light of the Present. It is our greatest tool. In the Present, the Light flows through us and we become a part of the Divine Love on Earth. When we surrender to the Now we experience true Freedom. 

Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist: Mara Friedman New Moon Visions Sacred Art

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