The New Vibrational Field on Earth

By Shannon Port

We are beginning to feel a change in the vibrational field on Mother Earth. In the past cycle, energies that were not aligned with love and unity were able to excel and rise while often times those who carried the vibration of unconditional love and compassion were not supported in the World. Slowly we are seeing this change, and we will begin to see more and more that when our heart is pure and willing, we are assisted by the luminous forces of light in all that we do in our personal lives and in the World.

As the new field begins to mirror, the old energies are seeming so obviously out of balance to many more people. They are beginning to break down right before our eyes. We are able to see with much greater transparency the intentions of those who are not in favor of freedom and love. The real pole shift was a shift in the unified field of consciousness which is now supporting a balance between the feminine and masculine. All that is not balanced will be seen in the light of the Spirit and required to heal. While this is happening we can show great compassion by staying present in our heart and holding the space for all of us to awaken together.

Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist: Tamara Adams Art

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