Energy of the Solar Flares and Eclipses

By Shannon Port 

The Sun is the physical representation of our Higher Self and Spirit. The light of the Sun comes from another Source of Light that cannot be seen with our physical eyes, It can only be seen with the Heart. This Source is the Cosmic Heart, the Mother of All Life. 

We are receiving massive waves of high frequency spiritual light on Earth at this time. This week's series of 4 X-class solar flares (the strongest category of solar flare) are coming in the midst of an already powerful eclipse season. Each of us is being reborn from the inside out. When this energy comes the most important thing for us to do is to Accept the journey of our Soul and to receive the light of our Higher Self. The Sun is the masculine polarity to Earth. Gaia is receiving the light of her Divine Love. We are one with her and we are also receiving this flood of quintessence light into our bodies.

This is not an intellectual process, it is an act of conscious surrender. Spirit moves all things and as the Witness we become a powerful center of expression for the Wisdom of the Light. 

Our lives are changing and it almost feels like we are just watching this happen. In many ways we are watching. When we let go and allow things to move in Divine order, Life becomes a Celebration.

Many of the dark agendas are coming to light now. There is a wave of Higher Consciousness traveling around the planet for those who are prepared to receive it. By holding Love, Faith and Hope in our Heart we support the awakening process for All Beings. 

When we are in a state of awe and childlike innocence we access the Unified Heart and from our Heart we cannot be manipulated any longer. We become the pure form of Life and we are guided by the Inner Sun in each moment of the Dance of Life. 

Shannon Port © 2013 l Artist Unknown 

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