Art of the Feminine Weekly Calls With Shannon Port

Artist ~ Matteo Arfanutti 

Art of the Feminine Weekly Calls With Shannon Port are back in session!

WISDOM OF TAROT SERIES ~ The 22 Archetypes of Human Consciousness

Please join me each week on Wednesday at Noon (EST) for one hour to discuss the current state of our collective consciousness on Planet Earth. That's 12 noon New York time/ 9AM Los Angeles time!

The call will be a support for our global community with a check-in on weekly global events and the shifting energies on our planet. Each week I'll share ways to access the Divine Feminine Wisdom and apply it directly to our daily experience during this time of profound change on Earth. 

I will be introducing the 22 Archetypes of Divine Consciousness through The Major Arcana of the Tarot. We'll take one archetype per week, starting with The Fool, and apply the wisdom of Tarot to the regeneration of the Human Soul and Gaia.

Please bring your questions to the call or message them ahead of time!

To access the recording of the call on iTunes podcast:

Call in number: 1.862.902.0100
Code number: 297340
via Skype or phone

I look forward to connecting with you during the calls! 

Blessings to All Beings, 

Shannon Port