Awakening Cosmic Goddess Consciousness ~ Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

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The Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Awakening Cosmic Goddess Consciousness ~ 

Wisdom of Tarot Series: Key 21, The World 

Cosmic Goddess Consciousness awakens within us a deep Understanding of the Laws of Creation. All matter is ruled by spiritual laws and principles which are governed by the heavenly bodies of intelligence, put into place to oversee the manifestation of worlds. Within the Goddess there is a Still Point of power that calls forth all things through the Power of Love. When we purify our thoughts and feelings we are initiated by the Great Mother into the Wisdom and Understanding of Her crystalization of Life through the divine patterns of manifestation. 

At this time those who hold this memory within their Heart are being called to allow it to be birthed for the Ascension of the Collective Consciousness of the Human Race. 

Shannon Port © 2014 

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