Healing the Underbelly of Human Sexuality with Divine Love & Forgiveness - Recording of LIVE Podcast

Healing the Underbelly of Human Sexuality with Divine Love and Forgiveness

With Shannon Port

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In the last Art of the Feminine Podcast of the season we'll be addressing the darkest part of human sexuality. We'll be talking about the role of the Goddess in healing the underbelly of consciousness with her Fierce Vision and Love.

To heal with Forgiveness and Divine Love is to heal with the awakened Vision of the Goddess and the Wisdom of Her higher emotions. This podcast is going to address the darkness that we have collectively created in the consciousness of humanity through the misuse of our human sexuality and bring in the profound healing solutions that are available to us now.

We'll be looking at some of the darker issues of Child Pornography, Pedophilia, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Human Sex Trafficking, Sexual Violence to Men, Women and Children, and the heavy manipulation of the Sexual Force through the mass Mind Control of humanity.

The power to transmute and heal the underbelly is part of our Spiritual Healing and Awakening on Earth. Every human being has a center of Wisdom, Love & Power within their Heart, and when we gain conscious access to the forces within we can be of great service to heal ourself and All Beings.

I hope to end this series on a very empowering note, bringing in Hope, Faith and Love for the year ahead!

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