Recording of LIVE Podcast: Alchemy of the Goddess: Shifting Emotions with Shannon Port

Alchemy of the Goddess: Shifting Emotions

With Shannon Port

In the first podcast of the new season, we'll be talking about the power of emotions and how we can reprogram our ability to feel from the depth of our Being to draw forth the true power of the soul.

The collective emotional body of humanity has been stifled in its power to feel the truth. We often feel from our past wounds and addictions as well as from the projected images of the desire-fear loop, creating the same cycle of pain and suffering over and over again. In doing so, we remain bound to the wheel of matter without any understanding of the process of liberation that is available to us through our emotions.

In this first podcast, we'll be discussing the practical spiritual tools that we can use to shift the lower emotions into portals of pure awareness and power to be used to transform our life and the planet.

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