The Taurus New Moon & the High Art of Alchemy

The Taurus New Moon & the High Art of Alchemy

Life becomes an exciting adventure when we recognize that our greatest laboratory for
alchemy and the Great Work is within our own soul. All that we need to create is inside of us. We get lost in the outer world with our desires and criticisms, our comparisons and insecurities, forsaking the greatest power that we have - to create the magical vessel of Light within our own heart. 

With the New Moon in Taurus we have a wonderful opportunity to do this powerful work. Taurus rules the Earth and the physical world. The moon is exalted in Taurus because she supplies the elements and the ether necessary for all manifestation, both within and without. This New Moon in Taurus is an opportunity to catch the waxing momentum of the ether and gather it around our most precious intention. If we set our intentions now, we have the universal and cosmic energies working with us during this cycle to create our Spiritual Body and manifest our true soul power. 

The time to look within has arrived. We can create our own sacred studio for the high Art of of alchemy now. It requires only our undivided attention and love and the rest is supplied by our creative imagination and the divine luminous Beings of Love. 

Wishing you all the magic of the month of May and the Taurus New Moon!

With Love,

Shannon Port