With Shannon Port

The Pisces New Moon on March 6th is a powerful alignment for healing our subconscious traumas and the patterns that cause our projections and suffering. The Moon and Sun are conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, at 15 degrees Pisces. All three are sextile to Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, making this new moon a very strong connection to earth energy and healing in the physical realms.

Neptune is the archetype of reversal. It holds the capacity to connect us with the source of Divine Love deep within the subconscious waters of life. Neptune is also the greatest well of creativity and imagination for calling forth messages and poetic inspiration from our Divine Soul. In our world, we experience Neptune energies quite often as deception and betrayal. But that is only because we are working with the inverse reality of consciousness. In truth, we have buried below our conscious mind the key to liberation and creative freedom, if we are able to transmute our own Body of Pain and use the trapped energy to merge with the totality of our Spirit.

To do this, we must surrender our Ego consciousness and enter into a state of allowing and Sacred Union with the inner Self. By being in the field of pure awareness, we activate the solar potencies within the subconscious mind and begin to transmute old patterns, turning them into released power for creativity and love. This is how we reverse the outer paradigm. We do this great and sacred work by tending to our own waters within.

Mars is the fire of the Shakti-Force and Saturn is the moulder of form. Both are in earth signs. This gives us an incredible opportunity to water the earth and our material reality with the divine waters of the unified field of consciousness. Saturn is also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn which gives us the needed regenerative powers of rebirth.

Mercury stationing retrograde on March 5th, at 29 degrees of Pisces, the critical degree of the sign that was just grazed by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is going to help us to direct our power and focus inward to do this powerful healing work in the sign of the subconscious mind.

Uranus enters the sign of Taurus on the same day as the Pisces New Moon for a seven year transit of this house of Venus. We are in a period of activation of Mother Earth and the Venusian qualities of the heart and the creative imagination. The feminine principle is beginning to call forth a new and more balanced reality on the planet, which is the mirror of the human soul.

The tides of consciousness are calling in a waxing cycle of healing. It's up to us to ride the waves and work with the magical elementals of the soul.

Wishing you blessings at the Pisces New Moon!