Starts June 7th and runs through July 19th

The Work of the 2019 Light Body Yoga™ 7-Week Training:

  • Transmutation of the Elements

  • Opening the Heart Center

  • Awakening the Solar-Force

  • Purifying the WORD

  • Alchemical Union & Light Body Tantra

  • Mantric Words of Power

  • Archetypal Rituals for Creating

  • Activating the Divine BlueprinT

The 2019 Light Body Yoga™ training is going to be a special space to focus on preparing the mental and emotional consciousness vehicle to house the spiritual Body of Light - the awakened consciousness of the Divine Human Being.

We'll meet every Friday, starting June 7th, 12pm EST, for 75 minutes on a Zoom video conference. This is the first time that I'm offering the course on video format! The videos will be available for playback throughout the 7 weeks on the conference platform. You can join us live or watch the playback at your convenience. It makes no difference where you live. You will have access around the clock to the program.

This training will be a very powerful transmission of the consciousness for this coming Age. We are entering a period of great change on earth. Human Beings are being asked to upgrade their awareness to a new level of Unity and Divine Love. The training will focus on very special rituals created through a deep understanding and merging of the archetypal wisdom and the Divine Feminine knowledge of Creation.

The weekly sessions will consist of lectures, archetypal rituals, mantras, creative mudras, dance rituals and meditations. You will be given a practice and a key code each week to open the Seven Portals of Light in the human electro-magnetic field.

The training is not a physical asana course and you need no prior yoga experience to participate. There will be yoga asana sequences offered for those who are interested. You will receive a certificate from the course.

Early Bird Registration - $575. if paid by May 31st

$775. if paid by June 7th.

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Shannon Port is the creator and founder of the Art of the Feminine Platform and the Light Body Yoga Teachings. She has been a Divine Feminine Teacher working with her original body of work since 2003. Her work focuses on a deep and penetrating knowledge of the archetypal wisdom of the Universe and it's application to open and heal the heart of humanity.

Dance of the Masculine and Feminine

Within the Heart the Masculine and Feminine are One. They are two sides of One Being. In the Heart they Dance and Sing together making beautiful Music. We are all both Masculine and Feminine. As we move into the Age of the Heart we will remember that all the Energies of Creation are found within Us. The Whole of all Knowledge is alive inside our Heart. There is no external knowledge. All that we need is here Now. We are moving into a time when we will create through our Receptivity to the Ocean of Life. We will remember the Akashic Level of the Soul and draw all Divine Knowledge from this Sacred Level of Life. The Central Pillar on the Tree of Life is Awakening in the New Era. Man and Woman are Remembering how to work together as One Force of Love and Light.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Dance of the Masculine and Feminine l Artist: Tomasz Alen Kopera

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Awakening the Feminine Force

By Shannon Port

Within every Man there is a receptive Feminine Heart and within every Woman there is an active Feminine Force. Man is now preparing to awaken his Receptivity and Woman is activating the Power of her Divine Will. What was once suppressed in the collective Woman will be liberated and what was once lost to Man will be found again. The Divine Will is accessed through a Receptiveness to the Creative Power of the Heart. The Feminine Force is the Creative Power of Life Itself and it operates on many levels of Creation.

 In the previous Male Cycle we believed that projecting our thoughts, desires and fears was the way to achieve the things we wanted. We believed that we are all separate from each other - each man for himself. The Male Principle has been the active force on the planet and the Feminine Principle has been playing a subservient role to the Fallen Will. The Male Principle has been working through the lower Egoic Mind rather than the Divine Mind. This caused a consciousness of Fear to take over within us and we lost our connection to Unity Consciousness.

 This is all changing as we pass through the Portal into the New Consciousness of the next cycle. The Female is becoming the active force on the Planet. She is going to have her turn leading the Human Race. This is all part of the Law of Cycles. This awakening is not about power in the old sense of the word - it is about aligning with the Divine Will and the Divine Plan for the Evolution of the Earth and the Human Race. It is the Heart's turn to lead. Woman, being the physical representation of the Heart is naturally feeling the resonance of the Shift in a very big way as we enter the Female Cycle.

 This Shift involves a reconciliation of the Feminine and Masculine Principles, within and without. This could also be seen as a reconciliation between the Man and the Woman. Man and Woman are equal. They are two parts of one Soul. Each has a function based on their physical and spiritual bodies. When we think of the mind we are usually thinking of the Egoic Mind - but there is a Divine Mind. That Mind has been lost to Man. Only through the Heart can he reunite with the Divine Mind which links him to his Higher Self and to the Source of Light and Life.

 Woman has a special role to play in guiding Mankind back into his Heart. Woman will initiate this journey within herself first, and then within the Man. We will enter into a period of balancing the energies on Earth as they have been off balance for a very long time. This will require that we work together and in Love. The Feminine Principle is very powerful in the World of Form and as it awakens it will usher in a Divine Love that will uplift the Human Race as a Mother would love and uplift her Child.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Awakening the Feminine Force l Artist Unknown

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Light Body Woman™ Teleconference: 12.12.12, 12-1PM (EST)

Announcing the 1st International ART OF THE FEMININE Teleconference:  Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 12-1PM (EST), FREE, Call number TBA later this week.

Light Body Woman™: Awakening the Body of Love in 2013

Hosted by Shannon Port (Founder of Art of the Feminine and author of the book LIGHT BODY WOMAN™)

The teleconference is for BOTH men and women. We will be gathering to talk about the portal into the New Era that we are passing through as we approach the Winer Solstice on December 21,2012. PLEASE JOIN ME to unite and share from the Heart.

I will be presenting material from my forthcoming book and addressing questions about the changes that we are experiencing on the Planet at this time. We will discuss the ways in which the Feminine is becoming the active principle for this New Era and talk about the reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine and the Sacred Union of Spirit and Matter.

This call is for anyone who is interested in playing a conscious part in the Shift through service to Humankind. It will be extremely beneficial for Artists who are birthing the New Consciousness in their work.

Come celebrate a New Way on 12.12.12

This is the first of a series of monthly, 1 hour calls, that will run throughout 2013.

Shannon Port © 2012


The Higher Octave of Creation

By Shannon Port
We are moving into the Higher Octave of Creation. Only from above can we clearly see and hold the Presence of Love. To be in battle in this current vibration will no longer work. All who use the current methods will find themselves feeling completely drained and held captive by the Ego. The space of the Heart is the space of Unity Consciousness. From this space we can see the Divine Dance that is taking place and flow with it. We see through the illusion of this world. The way we see the world is the way we create the world. We are actively dreaming this Reality. As we begin to hold this New Octave in our aura, the Forces of Nature will be at our service to work through our Heart the way they were meant to. 
The Heart that has embraced the Feminine is like a chalice that is ready to be filled with the Light of Spirit; a Tabernacle for the Creative Force. The Heart represents the Astral Level of Creation - all that appears in this world is first birthed in the Heart. The sign of the awakened Heart is Humility, Service and Power. Humility stands for Wisdom and Service stands for Love. The two together equal real Power. In the New Octave the meek will inherit the Earth. Those with Humility and Compassion will have Power beyond anything we have seen before because they will be aligned with the Original Life Power and become the Conduits of Divine Love. The poles are shifting and our personal self-healing journey is doing everything to humble us and prepare us to receive the the Light of our Highest Self. Each clearing of the old negative patterns is a Gift. We are softening and becoming pristine in our Soul's Light. The journey has been arduous and we are finally coming together to make this shift as One Being. 
Shannon Port © 2012 l Artist Unknown