Five Keys to Light Body Word

The WORD is a gift to humankind. We are privileged to be able to speak the Word and create with the Word. When we use the Word with Wisdom to create love and light and peace on earth, we are using it to build our Body of Light - the vehicle of our soul and spirit.

The Five Keys to Light Body Word 

1. This first key is very important. Before you speak, focus your attention on your breath and consciously breathe Sunlight in and out of your heart center. Feel your breath and feel the light of the Sun - the Life Power - moving through you. Know that your breath is God in action. See yourself surrounded in beautiful white light. This will bring you into the present moment and it will open your heart up to feeling the moment. This is the magic key to the Word. The Life-Breath is the true Source of the Word.

2. See the person or persons in front of you in detail. Imagine they, too, are surrounded in light. Call forth their soul and spirit as you look directly into their eyes and accept them, as they are, in the moment. Breathe with them.

3. Listen. Feel the silence and the rhythm of your breath and know when it is time to speak and when it is time to listen. Listening creates the proper rhythm in communication.

4. When it is the right time - speak the TRUTH with LOVE. Speak slowly and give each word perfect attention. All of our words must be truth. Sometimes the truth is difficult to speak and this is why we must speak the truth with love and compassion. Always speak the truth and always speak with love.

5. Have Gratitude for the Word and TRUST in it with your whole heart. This sets our Word in motion to create purely good things in our life and in the lives of other.