33 Episodes of The Divine Feminine Wisdom ~ with Shannon Port

Artist ~ Victor Nizovtsev

33 Episodes of the Divine Feminine Wisdom ~ 

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- The Art of Transformation ~ Key 13, Death & Rebirth
- The Power of Surrender ~ Key 12, The Hanged Man
- The Cosmic Law of Balance ~ Key 11, Justice 
- The Art of Manifestation ~ Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune
-Accessing the Inner Plane ~ Key 9, The Hermit
-Mastering the Desire-Force ~ Key 8, Strength
-The Power of the Word ~ Key 7, The Chariot 
-Sexual Discernment and Power ~ Key 6, The Lovers
-Awakening the Power of Intuition ~ Key 5, The Hierophant
-The Rebirth of the Divine Masculine ~ Key 4, The Emperor
-The Power of the Creative Imagination ~ Key 3, The Empress
-Liberating the Subconscious Mind ~ Key 2, The High Priestess
-The Power of Focus ~ Key 1, The Magician
-The 22 Archetypes of Human Consciousness, Key 0, The Fool
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part Two
-Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part One
-The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm
-Awakening the Feminine Force
-Healing the Global Sexual Crisis
-Unveiling the Mysteries of Womankind
-Healing the Sexual Wound of the Human Race
-Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine 
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part Two
-Sexuality and the Auric Field
-Unlocking the Powers of the Threefold Soul Prism
-Light Body Yoga: The Science of the Body of Light
-The Art of Fertility: Awakening the Power of Conscious Creation
-Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces
-The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual, and Divine
-The Alchemy of Divine Love
-Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part One
-Wisdom, Love and Sexuality
-Light Body Woman Teleconference: December 19th, 2012

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The Power of the Word ~ Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Artist ~ "The Chariot" by Emily Balivet 

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Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

December 4th, 2013: The Power of the Word  

Sacred Tarot Series: Key 7, The Chariot

The Word is the greatest gift that has been given to Humankind. We have not truly understood the power of this gift. Our Word is God/Goddess in action. It is the vehicle of the Divine Will. Our Word releases our thoughts and feelings into the World and creates form. All form is the Word manifest. Our Word is our Karma and until we understand fully the power of our word we will continue in the cycle of bondage that keeps us from knowing the truth of our Identity. 

Each one of us has the power to awaken the Divine Word within our aura and create anew in the World. On this call I discuss some of the practical tools to awaken the lost power of Speech. 

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