Mars Retrograde 2018: KUNDALINI SHAKTI-FORCE with Shannon Port


June 26th - August 27th

The archetype of Mars is connected to the SHAKTI FORCE & KUNDALINI POWER of the Divine Mother. Today we'll look at the Feminine side of the planet Mars. We'll discuss the shadow & light of the Mars retrograde and the regeneration that is occurring in the psyche of humanity - allowing us to transmute this energy into our collective spiritual awakening. 

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SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON November 29th, 2016: The Alchemy of Truth & Justice

Sagittarius New Moon November 29th, 2016:

The Alchemy of Truth & Justice

With Shannon Port

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Watch Shannon Port LIVE on Black Friday for a special new moon podcast that will focus on the alchemy of Truth and Justice on Earth. We'll be discussing the archetypal energies that rule this Sagittarius New Moon cycle and looking at the illusions, deceptions and manipulations that have been put in place to keep humanity bound to the lower animal nature while remaining in the dark about the true power of the Soul. 

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The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

Art by Kinuko Y. Craft

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The New Human Sexual Paradigm ~ The Secret Law of Bondage and Freedom

With Shannon Port

 One of the most esoteric teachings tells us that the very same Force that creates bondage and suffering in the world is also the liberating power of the soul. It is up to each one of us to do our own Inner Work and self-healing to open our eyes to a new Perception of reality.

Our sexuality is one of the most basic expressions of this Force and most human beings have little to no idea how they are directing their own source of Strength to create either Bondage or Freedom. Most have no clue that their power is being used by a Dark force to keep the consciousness of humanity from awakening. 
In this call we'll be discussing the lost power of discernment and higher perception and discover the ways that we can deconstruct the barriers to our true Freedom. 
© Shannon Port 2015


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Seeing with the Eye of the Heart

By Shannon Port

Universal Love gives us the ability to See and Understand things through the Eye of the Heart. Universal Love is able to perceive the particular while remaining connected to the Whole. Only when we awaken this Force of Love and Compassion within can we possibly understand who we are as Human Beings. Without it, the ego dissects everything and turns on everything that threatens its existence.

The World is changing and the Universal Love is being Received by those who practice Humility, Kindness, Compassion, Discernment and Integrity of Word and Action - even in the hardest circumstances - and even when others are testing them. Many are able to receive the Teachings at the superficial level, but it takes an earnest desire to do one's own shadow work and clear the ego to enter into the Deeper Mysteries of Creation.

Although many can agree that harmonizing the polarities sounds like a good thing to do - doing the actual work within oneself takes a profound commitment and a great deal of courage. With absolute commitment this work will lead to the death of the ego.

On our Earth there has been a suppression of the very Energy that we need for this awakening. To call this Energy by its name brings up great resistance. This is because in the World of duality words polarize and awaken the ego. The moment something is spoken - it's opposite force arises.

The Truth is Silent. It works within the Sacred Chamber of the Heart. It moves one to act and speak, but with great reverence and understanding of the inevitable polar forces in the World. To work from Silence is to know that Love is the force that moves all things.

We have a long ways to go to reach spiritual maturity as a Human Race. The Time has come for this Energy to be liberated. It is happening now. Those who truly desire to walk the egoless path are taking their Initiations at this time. These Initiations are excruciating and demand total commitment to Universal Love and the Understanding of Oneness. This means that competition, judgment, envy, and a closed heart and mind are no longer an option. This path requires courageous surrender to the Higher Self. Only when we merge with our Spirit will we know how to navigate this World without Fear.

Shannon Port © 2013, Seeing with the Eye of the Heart l Artist Unknown

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Mother: The Doorway to Life

All Human Life enters the World through the Mother. The Mother has the power to bring into Fruition a New Consciousness on Earth through her very Being. She molds and shapes Life and Consciousness within her Body and Soul. She knows how to do this because of her Feminine Nature and her resonant connection to the Cosmic Mother. Now is our time of Remembering, that within every Woman is the Divine Mother projecting Light into the World of Matter. We have the power to mold and shape the World through our Bodies, Hearts and Minds. When we remember how to do this consciously a new culture of Human Beings will emerge.

 Shannon Port © 2012, Mother: The Doorway to Life l Artist: "The Great Mother" by Stuart Littlejohn

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