The Power of Woman's Heart

By Shannon Port

Woman's Power is hidden within her Heart. It is in the Heart that she can make the greatest difference in the World. Man represents the Mind and the outside world and Woman represents the Heart and the Inner Plane. The outside world is governed by the laws of Time and Space. The Inner Plane is free from all limitations of Time and Space and is under only one law - the Law of Love - also known as the Law of Unity.

The events taking place in our world at this time are being brought to awareness on the world stage to help Woman wake up and remember what it is she gave up as she entered into an Ego based consciousness ruled by the mind. She entered into bondage when she lost her power to create from the Heart. In the Heart all women are one. In truth there is only One Woman.

As we hear more and more about the horrific treatment of women around the world it is more important than ever for women to remember how to enter into the space of their Heart. In the Heart we can make a difference. In the Heart we connect with the Feminine Force and awaken the Feminine Light on the Planet. This is destined to happen as more and more women are finding the quiet space within which gives them the power to create positive change. In order to find this space we have to tune out all the fear that is being broadcast in the outer world.

Woman's power is born in Silence. That is why we have been discouraged from looking inward. We are held in bondage as long as we keep our focus on the outside. The moment we look inward with a true desire to serve and a purity of heart - we remember. As we remember our words and actions become a potent Force of Light. There is an inner dimension that unites us. We are connected to all points in space and time within. There we can create a New World where the Feminine is honored and respected and seen for who she really is. She is the Divine Mother at work in the world of Matter. She is the Door that all must pass through on their journey Home.

Shannon Port © 2013, The Power of Woman's Heart l Artist: Michael Whelan

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The Higher Octave of Creation

By Shannon Port
We are moving into the Higher Octave of Creation. Only from above can we clearly see and hold the Presence of Love. To be in battle in this current vibration will no longer work. All who use the current methods will find themselves feeling completely drained and held captive by the Ego. The space of the Heart is the space of Unity Consciousness. From this space we can see the Divine Dance that is taking place and flow with it. We see through the illusion of this world. The way we see the world is the way we create the world. We are actively dreaming this Reality. As we begin to hold this New Octave in our aura, the Forces of Nature will be at our service to work through our Heart the way they were meant to. 
The Heart that has embraced the Feminine is like a chalice that is ready to be filled with the Light of Spirit; a Tabernacle for the Creative Force. The Heart represents the Astral Level of Creation - all that appears in this world is first birthed in the Heart. The sign of the awakened Heart is Humility, Service and Power. Humility stands for Wisdom and Service stands for Love. The two together equal real Power. In the New Octave the meek will inherit the Earth. Those with Humility and Compassion will have Power beyond anything we have seen before because they will be aligned with the Original Life Power and become the Conduits of Divine Love. The poles are shifting and our personal self-healing journey is doing everything to humble us and prepare us to receive the the Light of our Highest Self. Each clearing of the old negative patterns is a Gift. We are softening and becoming pristine in our Soul's Light. The journey has been arduous and we are finally coming together to make this shift as One Being. 
Shannon Port © 2012 l Artist Unknown